Information Technology

21 Jul 17
It could boost labour productivity by 41% in the said year.
20 Jul 17
The deals are for ICT solutions, satellite networks, and transport systems.
17 Jul 17
He will also be the global president.
11 Jul 17
Sears, a $55 billion revenue American retailer, with 350,000 staff is predicted to go bankrupt soon.
11 Jul 17
It will conduct a public consultation exercise until August 3.
7 Jul 17
Singapore’s wealth management industry needs to beef up its cyberdefences if it is to remain trustworthy For any credible corporate...
7 Jul 17
It topped the ITU Global Security Index.
29 Jun 17
TIBCO shares insights on how Holland embraces data to optimise train services and maintenance scheduling.
26 Jun 17
He was appointed on 16 June 2017.
22 Jun 17
The company helped an SME increase productivity by 30%.
22 Jun 17
It is a pioneering system in Singapore.
22 Jun 17
Over 7% of firms in Hong Kong don't even have their numbers on the web.
16 Jun 17
But it still dominated Asia.
15 Jun 17
This is a first in Southeast Asia.
13 Jun 17
He will also be a member of the audit committee.
13 Jun 17
It was effective on 11 May 2017.
13 Jun 17
The company is set on making an impact on 1 billion lives through their offerings.
12 Jun 17
She worked as business development executive at Deloitte Singapore from 2010-2012.
12 Jun 17
He was a senior consultant at Cambridge Associates.
29 May 17
And here's what you need to know about Genting's Q1 results.
24 May 17
Enterprises will be able to leverage AI-driven computing.
23 May 17
The security robot was named O-R3.
22 May 17
It will be offered for Year 1 and 2 students.
22 May 17
Data and AI could transform how real estate sector is operated.
19 May 17
It has set up helplines together with other telcos.
17 May 17
The two will be setting up helplines for customers.
15 May 17
Around 3,300 jobs were made available for IT professionals.
11 May 17
These tech solutions aim to raise SMEs' digital readiness.
11 May 17
More than 2 in 5 firms in Singapore have technologists in leadership roles.
11 May 17
It represents a 10% growth from last year.
3 May 17
It has helped 17 start-ups find buyers for their solutions.
2 May 17
It will open its doors this month.