Information Technology

17 Nov 17
The partnership aims to align ICT university skills with industry requirements.
14 Nov 17
Its Digital Trust Index Score was only 2.3 out of 10.
13 Nov 17
Lack of trained human capital is to blame.
10 Nov 17
It covers 119 job roles and 80 skills in the ICT sector.
7 Nov 17
The frequent use of transport apps could have boosted in-app payments.
7 Nov 17
38% of Singapore’s executives said they aren't confident about hiring new talent.
6 Nov 17
He passed away on October 31, 2017.
3 Nov 17
He also steps down as executive director.
3 Nov 17
It also wants to raise industry growth by 6% annually.
29 Oct 17
And yet, 39% said they still don't have a security strategy.
26 Oct 17
Smartly has a series of articles, videos, and quizzes to boost financial literacy among its users.
20 Oct 17
It's trying to ramp up fintech innovation.
20 Oct 17
The market is expected to grow by a measly 9% by 2021, lower than most rates in Asia.
4 Oct 17
He is to pursue other career opportunities.
3 Oct 17
It will help Singaporean tech companies gain access to the market.
3 Oct 17
Singapore ranked third in terms of average cyber exposure.
3 Oct 17
Singaporeans, like many others, are concerned that emerging technologies could lead to widespread unemployment and social unrest as humans are...
29 Sep 17
Find out how your company can prevent the next cyberattack that could cost you billions.
27 Sep 17
Data that is collected in the business environment can be structured or unstructured.
26 Sep 17
He previously worked as ISDN Holdings' financial controller.
26 Sep 17
He is also appointed as member of audit and nominating committee.
26 Sep 17
Its B10 acquisition raised assets to $1.5b.
22 Sep 17
And a Canadian team wins $100,000 in a business plan contest.
20 Sep 17
The two will engage in policy dialogues and joint capacity building.
17 Sep 17
He also ceases to be head of East Asian Operation.
17 Sep 17
He did not offer himself for re-election.
15 Sep 17
Whilst reading two reports from The White House on artificial intelligence (AI) - Preparing for the future of artificial intelligence and...
14 Sep 17
Growth rate could hit 11.7% in three years.
12 Sep 17
They see it as part of a culture of success.
7 Sep 17
Its capitalised stocks gained 20% in August.
7 Sep 17
Hybrid infrastructures utilising cloud technologies are paramount to Singapore’s continued financial dominance in meeting long-term market...
6 Sep 17
Its indicative market capitalisation weighted total returns of 11.7%.
17 Aug 17
Creative said its former vendor was "grossly negligent." Huawei International has been ordered to pay Creative Technology $36m in...
14 Aug 17
Talend CEO Mike Tuchen shared his views on why data integration has become an important focus of investment amongst successful companies.
11 Aug 17
We are well and truly into the year 2017 and many of my peers have been asked similar questions when chatting at forums and industry conferences:...
11 Aug 17
No thanks to hiring process taking up 4.5 months.
10 Aug 17
One hazard relates to money laundering and terrorist financing.
9 Aug 17
It was ahead of Denmark, USA, and Japan.