Information Technology

26 Apr 17
But 3 in 4 see the need to digitalise to survive.
20 Apr 17
“We are more than just a middleware company,” says Gerber.
19 Apr 17
John Byrne and Ng Tian Beng share their experiences on developing one of the largest and far-reaching IT channel programs.
18 Apr 17
His employment was terminated.
18 Apr 17
The centre is its first outside the US.
6 Apr 17
In turn, a majority of banks plan to increase fintech partnerships.
31 Mar 17
It supports SATS’ operations at Changi Airport.
29 Mar 17
It's situated in Asia's premier supply chain location.
28 Mar 17
These leaders also think their IT departments don’t listen to them.
28 Mar 17
Part of the collaboration involves information sharing about emerging fintech trends.
17 Mar 17
That’s three times more than the number in North America.
13 Mar 17
The two are establishing a FinTech cooperation framework.
9 Mar 17
They are finally shattering the glass ceiling.
5 Mar 17
29 billion devices will be connected by the year 2022.
1 Mar 17
It gained 7.0% on a capitalisation-weighted total return basis.
27 Feb 17
And check out what other tech plans PM Lee has in mind.
24 Feb 17
There is also an overall fall in average deal value.
24 Feb 17
And here are three ways Singapore education needs to change.
14 Feb 17
He is also appointed as joint company secretary.
14 Feb 17
It will be headed by a machine learning expert.
8 Feb 17
Latize believes in the power of data-driven decisions.
8 Feb 17
They are also keen to updating their internal policies.
6 Feb 17
Not to say they've won in real life, but they did win the Startup Weekend Singapore hackathon at Google last month.
28 Jan 17
He is to focus on his own businesses.
25 Jan 17
It will be in Capella Hotel on Sentosa Island.
24 Jan 17
It is foreseen to grow to US$5.4b in 2025.
18 Jan 17
Growth in the region is expected to reach US$115m in 2030.
16 Jan 17
He is CEO for Acclivis Technologies and Solutions.
16 Jan 17
Only 50% of global firms exude the same confidence.
16 Jan 17
It was December 2010, and Tagit Pte Ltd (Tagit), the Singapore-based mobile solutions company, was celebrating the end of a bumper year.
14 Jan 17
She is group financial controller of the company’s associate.
12 Jan 17
And check out two other things Singapore can do to scale up innovation.
16 Dec 16
About two weeks ago, Singtel's subscribers were greeted by an outage of fixed broadband services lasting more than 20 hours.
16 Dec 16
Cloud computing in Asia Pacific, especially in Singapore, is growing constantly in importance, and with its growth comes an increasing demand for...
15 Dec 16
It ranked 6th globally, with an average speed of 18.2 Mbps.
14 Dec 16
He also ceases to be the vice chairman of the company.
14 Dec 16
He held the position since March 1, 2012.
12 Dec 16
Traditionally, robots sit in the factory within a finite space and with fixed rules, a safe distance away from its human operators.