Transport & Logistics

21 Jul 17
This is part of its turnaround plan for TradeGlobal.
20 Jul 17
And here are top tips for Millennials buying a car in Singapore.
17 Jul 17
He will also be a member of the Board Audit Committee.
14 Jul 17
The 3,000 bicycle parking lots will be constructed at 28 MRT stations.
12 Jul 17
Total COE quota for the said months will be 27,370.
6 Jul 17
They are brought together by IE Singapore.
6 Jul 17
The new framework could only provide short time relief for taxi firms.
5 Jul 17
As the state enforces vocational license framework.
29 Jun 17
It has 16,281 cabs in December.
22 Jun 17
The company won at the SBR International Business Awards 2017.
22 Jun 17
It will be chaired by Senior Minister of State for Transport Lam Pin Min.
21 Jun 17
And here's what you need to know about Scooter-sharing in Singapore.
15 Jun 17
The results from the TradeGlobal acquisition review is one.
13 Jun 17
Production in the 16,000-sqm facility will begin in Q4 2018.
13 Jun 17
And is it more expensive to own a car than use ride-hailing apps?
12 Jun 17
Deadline for the proposals is on June 30.
7 Jun 17
It will bring the total number of stations on the North East Line to 17 and enhance connectivity from Punggol North to the city centre.
7 Jun 17
This is for companies interested in participating in the tender.
7 Jun 17
It is being backed by Softbank Group.
5 Jun 17
It will be operational starting June 25.
1 Jun 17
Politicans are not reacting quickly enough to come up with right policies for automated vehicles.
1 Jun 17
And here's the latest addition to the burgeoning meal-sharing industry in Singapore.
31 May 17
What must governments do to brace themselves from the impact?
30 May 17
It will be effective on 1 June 2017.
29 May 17
Falling yields of airlines could translate to pricing pressure.
26 May 17
Delays have been significantly reduced.
26 May 17
The app has around 100,000 members.
26 May 17
But it is still doing better than its smaller taxi peers.
25 May 17
They will provide expanded coverage within the area.
25 May 17
It was co-founded by the CAAS and EDB.
24 May 17
Margins for the segment rose to 7.5%.
23 May 17
Its headline rose 2% YoY in the past quarter.
19 May 17
Underlying net profit was $51.6m.
19 May 17
The two will partner to meet rising e-commerce demand in the region.
17 May 17
Operating profit in the business rose 18.1% to $13m.
17 May 17
Customers are shifting to alternative online services.
16 May 17
It currently has 60 cars.