24 Nov 17
Myanmar and Vietnam are projected to be growth drivers.
23 Nov 17
The region is expected to enjoy a CAGR of 6.6%.
21 Nov 17
Hong Kong has made the most significant advance with its bank resolution regime.
21 Nov 17
Wage growth remains stubbornly weak at the macro level.
21 Nov 17
The growth was driven by a surge in investment and exports.
21 Nov 17
Thanks to bullish performance from the manufacturing industry.
20 Nov 17
Regional forecasts remain positive with an expected 14% increase next year.
17 Nov 17
The deal aims to promote trade between respective markets.
17 Nov 17
The suspension took effect on November 8.
15 Nov 17
Investment needs to grow 400% per year.
9 Oct 17
But store openings and marketing kept sales up.
6 Oct 17
Thanks to stronger demand and marketing campaigns.
4 Oct 17
Vietnam led the growth rankings.
3 Oct 17
It was the second weakest in recorded history.
29 Sep 17
Two typhoons drove visitor arrivals down by 0.6%.
30 Aug 17
The country has 1.9 million unemployed persons.
25 Aug 17
Export growth failed to meet expectations.
24 Aug 17
It’s been heading downwards for the past five months.
24 Aug 17
The country's CPI also hiked up by 3.2%.
24 Aug 17
Lendings and deposit facility rates also fell by 25bps.
23 Aug 17
But the retail sector is likely to start losing momentum.
22 Aug 17
It is the best growth in almost five years.
22 Aug 17
Surplus in goods accounts increased its current account balance.
22 Aug 17
Tourism receipts in July reached US$4.7b.
22 Aug 17
Its services and manufacturing sectors have boosted the economy.
18 Aug 17
Thanks to higher domestic consumption and government spending.
18 Aug 17
Chemicals exports led growth with 14.9% rate.
17 Aug 17
Blame an oil and gas deficit of US$604m.
16 Aug 17
GDP is still growing faster than the annual target of 6.5% despite the slowdown.
15 Aug 17
Index growths among all commodity groups turned positive.
15 Aug 17
Domestic demand was the main driver of GDP growth.
15 Aug 17
It’s the fourth consecutive month of slowdown.
14 Aug 17
BSP also raised its inflation expectations for 2017 and 2018.
14 Aug 17
Industrial output remained strong thanks to manufacturing, mining, and electricity sectors.
10 Aug 17
The fields of construction and machinery got dragged into contraction.
10 Aug 17
Its communications business field improved the most at 10.9%.
10 Aug 17
This has been the highest amount in two years.
9 Aug 17
Some of its recent policies focus on outbound investment.