17 Jul 19
The manufacturing sector and tariffs are expected to drag down real GDP growth to 6.3% in 2019.
17 Jul 19
Growing intra-regional trade and a rich venture capital market propel the region’s rise.
12 Jul 19
Only US$12.3b was invested into these regions, the lowest activity level since 2014.
11 Jul 19
China accounted for 53% of the region’s decline.
9 Jul 19
China leads the pack with $145.6b (US$107b) made from 4,281 deals.
9 Jul 19
It has resumed its shelved mega projects.
9 Jul 19
The segment is tipped to grow at a CAGR of 9.4% over the next five years.
9 Jul 19
China may soon erode Japanse funding dominance after it pledged $32.7b (US$24b) of investments for the next decade.
8 Jul 19
Export growth is expected to shrink by 3.0% as demand for electronics and private consumption declines.
5 Jul 19
South Korea, Japan, and China are poised to have the most established online grocery market.
3 Jul 19
The results of the elections and consequent economic reforms are helping the market recover.
27 Jun 19
Over 36,000 new houses were sold in 30 cities in mid-June.
25 Jun 19
Project delays result in cost overruns, with multi-state projects being hit the hardest.
24 Jun 19
Demand is likely to remain subdued in the second half of the year.
18 Jun 19
It already rose 16.8% YoY in April 2019.
7 Jun 19
Guangzhou accounted for 60% of transactions of over $113.39m.
30 May 19
Acquisitions by J-REITs during the quarter were 30% higher than the quarterly average since 2014.
30 May 19
Growth was driven by China where real estate investments surged to $17b.
7 May 19
To mitigate cost impact, firms could embrace AI or start operations in Africa or South Asia.
6 May 19
China remains the top source market, accounting for 55.8% of Asian passengers.
30 Apr 19
The electronics giant has been showing a slowdown in MoM declines.
29 Apr 19
A buildup of investors has led to an oversupply in the electronics sector.
25 Apr 19
Card penetration for some countries fall below 50%, according to a study.
23 Apr 19
Prime rents within Tokyo’s 23 CBDs pushed to $71.57 per 1,420 sqft per month, a cyclical high for stock of this nature.
4 Apr 19
Over half of APAC manufacturing organisations have experienced a cyber breach.
3 Apr 19
Investments in office, retail and industrial properties hit a new high of $146b.
1 Apr 19
The growth was mainly driven by agriculture, forestry and fishery, industry and construction, and services.
1 Apr 19
Chinese corporates' onshore funding costs are forecasted to fall further.
26 Mar 19
Philippines Economic Zone Authority-accredited buildings attracted the most tenants.
22 Mar 19
Lower fuel pump prices and high year-ago base effects weighed on the CPI.
21 Mar 19
The energy sector saw the most defaults of $6.94b.
20 Mar 19
Chinese startups clinched almost 1 in 3 global VCs.
19 Mar 19
The surge in exit values outpaced the previous all-time high of $125b recorded in 2014.
19 Mar 19
Deals focused on restructuring, carve-outs and turnarounds rose in value to more than triple the previous five-year average.
19 Mar 19
The region's deal value rose to $165b in 2018, exceeding the all-time high of $159b in 2017.
18 Mar 19
Volatile export and manufacturing sectors are challenging the region’s economies.
18 Mar 19
GDP growth is expected to slow down from 5.2% to 5%.
8 Mar 19
The country is aiming to build a commodity circulation system that fits the modern economic system.
8 Mar 19
The population is forecasted to grow 23% over the next five years.
6 Mar 19
The growth of the country’s supply chain and oil prices have slowed down.