16 Nov 18
Vietnam, Malaysia and Philippines could witness over 10% increases.
15 Nov 18
China, Japan and South Korea accounted for 70% of transaction volumes.
14 Nov 18
The number of failed land auctions has doubled to 796 from January-July 2018.
14 Nov 18
It has been driven by the continuing decrease in the mining sector and crude palm oil.
14 Nov 18
The country’s steel companies will increasingly employ technology to lower emissions in complying with environmental regulations.
8 Nov 18
Sales are poised to grow by an average of 2.2% annually from 2019-2027.
7 Nov 18
Analysts see downside risks to the oil price rally even in 2019.
7 Nov 18
Australia, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan led the pack thanks to their stable political and economic outlook and high disposable incomes.
7 Nov 18
The sector’s growth is driven by increase in client demand.
7 Nov 18
Artificial intelligence and automation are the leading technologies infiltrating several industries in the region, Fitch Solutions said.
7 Nov 18
Growing collaboration will push the Philippine construction sector to grow by 8.8%.
6 Nov 18
This has been driven by slower household consumption during the period.
5 Nov 18
The index reading was the lowest recorded in 15 months.
5 Nov 18
This outlook by ASEAN firms is higher than the global average of 77%.
4 Nov 18
It holds the shortest time to start a business at 0.5 days.
4 Nov 18
Alibaba remained the top R&D spender in China for the third consecutive year with US$3.6b .
31 Oct 18
Total healthcare spending will surge to US$2.27t by 2026.
30 Oct 18
A new cohort of Chinese entrepreneurs in Shenzhen will challenge US’s Silicon Valley tech hub.
29 Oct 18
Grab accounted for the largest deal in the region with a $2b raise.
23 Oct 18
Spending on personal care is projected to shrink 1.2% annually over 2018 and 2022.
21 Oct 18
Its total wealth comes to US$114.56t.
21 Oct 18
This is mainly due to the region’s robust infrastructure and connectivity.
18 Oct 18
Declining shipments to the US and China are to blame.
11 Oct 18
It will transition to auctions for procurement of bigger solar projects.
10 Oct 18
The highest deal worth US$146m was closed in China.
10 Oct 18
Loan growth in August went up to 5.4%, the highest it reached in 2018.
9 Oct 18
It could help boost GDP growth amidst the escalating trade tensions.
4 Oct 18
Household consumption could suffer amidst stricter lending standards.
4 Oct 18
The government eyes to launch two million Wi-Fi hotspots in rural areas.
3 Oct 18
Lenders will snap up half of the market in the next four years.
3 Oct 18
They’re bearing the brunt of the profit crunch.
28 Sep 18
Chinese SMEs are hit by slumping new orders and job losses.
25 Sep 18
Bangkok topped the list with 20.05 million international tourists in 2017.
20 Sep 18
The surge in chemical material and oil segment revenue boosted the growth.
20 Sep 18
Average daily transactions jumped 17.4% to US$104.87m.
13 Sep 18
Indonesian and Philippine banks may lose up to $3.8b and $1.3b respectively.
12 Sep 18
Solar and wind transactions hit US$3.8b and boosted total deal value.
11 Sep 18
The market cannot be put under control even after previous curbs over the past two years.
11 Sep 18
The country seems to be left untouched by the trade war woes.
10 Sep 18
Some Taiwanese firms with China operations have transferred their manufacturing hubs to Southeast Asia.