China's exports rose 3.5% YoY in April

The increase in exports is led by Japan, Australia, and Taiwan.

China's exports rose 3.5% YoY in April

The increase in exports is led by Japan, Australia, and Taiwan.

Unemployment rates to rise by 3 percentage points in APAC

Jobs lost to COVID-19 could be slow to win back.

Myanmar's 2020 growth forecast slides to 3.6% amidst pandemic

The garment sector faces a weak outlook due to factory closures. Myanmar's 2020 GDP growth forecast is 3.6% or 2.7 percentage points (ppt) lower than the previous estimate of 6.3%, as the impact caused by the spread of COVID-19 resulted in concurrent global supply and demand shock, according to Fitch Solutions report.

Japan's budget deficit to expand to 7.4% in FY2020

The Olympics’ postponement will drag on tourism and consumption revenues.

COVID-19 could spur $620b in losses for Asia-Pacific

Inflation and policy rate falls as unemployment rate increases in the region.

COVID-19 decelerates China's auto sales

Government subsidies of $280 to $420 provide limited support to the industry.

Indonesia's account deficit widens to 3% amidst COVID-19 outbreak

This was blamed on trade disruptions and shrinking primary income.

China's 2020 growth forecast dips to 5.2% amidst COVID-19 outbreak

Report outlines three downside risk scenarios for China’s GDP.

Auto sales expected to decline in multiple Asian countries

Production suspension in China affects supply chain in the whole region.

Asian markets boost economic buffers as pandemic hits economies

Economies with high debt levels may run out of policy space.

Coffee spending to rise 8.2% to $2.2b by 2024 in Indonesia

Rising middle class and the new levy on sweetened products will boost its demand.

COVID-19 to knock $211b off APAC economies

APAC markets to toe the recession line amidst coronavirus spread.

APAC healthcare deal value dropped 29% to $11.5b in 2019

The total deal size in Southeast Asia surged to $2.4b.

Only 1 in 5 of APAC banks has an AML compliance strategy: study

Only 8% have an integrated system or specific executive to report these functions.

High-yield non-financial Asian firms' default rate to rise 2.4% in 2020

China has been seeing an increased tolerance of defaults.

Malaysia's construction sector to grow by 3.5% in 2020

A handful of uncompleted railway projects in 2019 are set to pick up in 2020.

Malaysia GDP slows to 3.6% YoY in Q4 2019

Downturns in crude petroleum and natural gas segments triggered the lag.