18 Jan 18
HKA bought a 15% stake, decreasing SIAEC's interest from 47.06% to 40%.
18 Jan 18
Airports across the region are therefore turning to PPPs to address capacity constraints.
18 Jan 18
It also wants to create 1,000 new jobs in the industry.
16 Jan 18
SATS is expected to handle 80% of handle throughput in the growing Changi Airport.
15 Jan 18
Overall cargo load factor rose 1.9ppt, with growth in cargo traffic of 4.3% against a capacity increase of 1.5%.
15 Jan 18
The new cabin products seat up to 471 customers in four classes.
10 Jan 18
SIA’s Cargo load factor increased by 3.9 ppt YoY.
10 Jan 18
Pax yield can rise by 2.7% in the second half of 2018.
21 Dec 17
It will add to the current four flights per week starting March 2018.
17 Dec 17
Overall cargo load factor (CLF) was 4 ppt higher as demand outpaced capacity changes.
15 Dec 17
They revamped rules to advance seat selection and mileage accrual rates.
15 Dec 17
Demand is projected to outpace airline capacity by next year.
14 Dec 17
It will be fitted with 471 seats and SIA's new products.
12 Dec 17
SIA will launch it on its website after a beta on Facebook.
7 Dec 17
This boosts the route's capacity by 40%.
5 Dec 17
The two will add their 'SQ' and 'M1' codes to over 30 Scoot flights.
4 Dec 17
It could take 50% seat capacity in Malaysia through its AirAsia partnership.
4 Dec 17
If the deal goes through, the joint venture will form the world's largest kitchen.
28 Nov 17
Difficult trading conditions dragged earnings down.
23 Nov 17
Traffic from India posted the largest increase.
21 Nov 17
The contract valued at close to $7m.
21 Nov 17
It secured a contract for aircraft component support.
19 Nov 17
Robust demand for air travel services kept airfares down.
17 Nov 17
Singapore remains one of the world’s busiest airports.
16 Nov 17
SilkAir's systemwide passenger carriage grew 24.6%.
13 Nov 17
Thank the better incidental income and load factor.
8 Nov 17
SIA and SIA Cargo registered stronger operating profits.
1 Nov 17
Passenger traffic from South Asia gave the biggest boost to the figure.
24 Oct 17
Deliveries will be made starting from 2020.
24 Oct 17
It clinched deals for MRO and cabin retrofit.
20 Oct 17
Users will be able to pay for tickets and fees with the new feature.
18 Oct 17
SATS will invest in a catering company in Turkey that will operate one of the largest in-flight kitchens in the world.
17 Oct 17
But passenger growth in its South West Pacific route failed to keep up with capacity injection.
13 Oct 17
Almost half of its operating expenses are poured on labour.
10 Oct 17
Parent company SIA is consolidating its businesses.
9 Oct 17
Both will offer services to airports in India.
5 Oct 17
It inked MOUs with nine air cargo firms.
5 Oct 17
Its first flight will go to Hiroshima, Japan.
5 Oct 17
SIAEC holds a 49% equity stake in it.
3 Oct 17
He retired by rotation from office.