Building & Engineering

30 May 17
It is selling its shares to Lucrum 1.
30 May 17
And check out these tips on where best to buy a property in Singapore.
29 May 17
Thanks to higher income from its pipes and roads business segment.
24 May 17
It is inspired by the garage of an auto-mechanic.
23 May 17
This segment is becoming a bright spot for the group.
21 May 17
Their initial gains may be overshadowed by difficulties in the year.
19 May 17
It aims to commence maintenance service at JFK airport in 2018.
17 May 17
Its cybersecurity solutions are gaining traction.
16 May 17
He wants to pursue other career opportunities.
16 May 17
Thanks to the divestment gains from selling stakes in HAESL.
15 May 17
Its aerospace arm pushed order book to $13.3b.
12 May 17
Aerospace, Land System, and Marine segments were lacklustre in Q1.
8 May 17
He will also be a non-executive director for the group.
5 May 17
He was re-designated as group financial controller.
5 May 17
Space was restructured to accommodate larger office teams.
4 May 17
Thanks to its robust urban development business.
4 May 17
It now owns a 51% share in SPTel.
25 Apr 17
But this cannot go on forever, analysts say.
21 Apr 17
Infrastructure and investment gave its bottom line a boost.
19 Apr 17
The bulk of the projects is for ICT solutions.
18 Apr 17
And here’s what you need to know about Buyer Stamp Duty and Additional Buyer Stamp Duty.
18 Apr 17
He wanted to pursue other personal interests.
18 Apr 17
Services range from heavy airframe maintenance to component repair.
17 Apr 17
He wanted to pursue other personal interests.
14 Apr 17
He wanted to focus on his personal business interests.
11 Apr 17
After all, ShopBack’s employees are all millennials.
5 Apr 17
Building construction firms registered the highest proportion of payment delays.
3 Apr 17
He is CEO and president of Victory Hill Exhibitions.
30 Mar 17
Infrastructure projects worth $700m will commence in FY17-18.
28 Mar 17
It declined 2.8% last year.
21 Mar 17
It even offers complimentary group health insurance.
17 Mar 17
And here’s the cost of marriage for expats in Singapore.
13 Mar 17
Fancy a meeting in an igloo or a forest?
10 Mar 17
Asia is forecast to need US$20t of additional infrastructure investments from now till 2030.
9 Mar 17
They are opening a space at the UIC Building.
6 Mar 17
Find out why it remains an expensive city to build in.
4 Mar 17
She has 15 years of auditing experience.
28 Feb 17
New satellite to stake Singapore’s position in the global space market.
28 Feb 17
Thanks to the divestment gains from the disposal of tech and environment business.