DBS revitalizes Hack2Hire to accumulate top technology talent

DBS expects 150 talents to take part in this initiative.

DBS revitalizes Hack2Hire to accumulate top technology talent

DBS expects 150 talents to take part in this initiative.

Oracle NetSuite hosts premiere webinar on accelerating next level business growth

Oracle executives will discuss how to best upgrade your accounting software to catch the next wave of digital transformation. 

Why system-wide resilience is crucial for colocation providers

Delivering high-reliability data centre operations is vital to cloud and colocation service providers. This is hardly surprising, considering how service quality is typically seen as a crucial factor for them to achieve growth and profitability. However, attaining high service quality standards isn’t as straightforward as it sounds.

Digitising the food industry for a post-COVID world

In today’s post-pandemic landscape, the food manufacturing industry is facing a host of new challenges. COVID-19 disrupted supply chains around the world and consumer demand patterns changed rapidly. Over $6.5 billion in customer spending for food and beverages in the United States shifted to retail during the pandemic. In the first two months of the lockdown, an estimated 14 million litres of milk were wasted each day. Productivity gains in manufacturing have fallen from 4.3% in 2000-2007, to just 0.7% in 2007-2018. Consumer demands are rising, and there are stricter regulations focused on food safety, health and environmental sustainability. This is the new normal for the industry, but how can businesses adapt?

The move to cloud starts with a cultural shift: AWS

In partnership with AWS, the webinar was attended by more than 60 companies.

Temasek’s Trustana launches partnership with OneConnect 

The collaboration aims to accelerate cross-border commerce between Singapore and China.

How Surbana Jurong uses sensors to make buildings smarter—and safer

With Smart Digital Spaces, building facilities can be digitally maintained while improving workplace productivity, air quality, safety, and quality of life.

Daily briefing: SG eyes becoming an e-commerce hub; MSO vendor reports “cyber incident”

And former Envy Global official face new charges in $1b investment case

SG-UK digital economy deal negotiations underway

It is aimed at providing a seamless digital trade and business between the two countries.

Shaping the way of data management in the food and hospitality sector

SBR spoke with Tiara Winata Head of Strategy, Data Analytics & Tech for TiffinLabs.