employee survey

Going global: 9 in 10 Singaporeans prefer to work for international companies

Three factors are fuelling Singaporeans’ drive to join global corporations.

Work-life balance vs salary: What do Singaporeans want?

A survey was conducted to delve into the motivations behind Singaporeans' career choices.

7 in 10 professionals prioritise building up skills over degrees

They also believe upskilling has become more important than ever.

Almost half of Singaporean workers support equal parental leave

Workers aged 18 to 24 are most supportive of the initiative.

Survey reveals deal breakers of Singaporean jobseekers

Six in 10  feel they have a strong negotiation position when looking for jobs.

7 in 10 workers will switch jobs if their pay increment is lower than the inflation rate

More than half of employees expect a pay increase of more than 6% in 2023.

Which sectors have the most burnout employees?

According to research, burnout is linked to poor leadership in an organisation.

Rising cost of living is pushing more than half of Singaporeans to look for a 2nd job

Some are also seeking opportunities to work overtime or extra shifts.

7 in 10 employees want flexibility in working schedules, locations

They are even willing to receive a pay cut just to be granted such flexibility.

81% of workers want to take on a permanent remote position

Some want to work remotely because they have moved further away from the office.

7 in 10 professionals believe metaverse will become part of existing work practices

Employees say they would prefer meetings on metaverse over video conferencing tools.

Over 5 in 10 employees will likely leave employers over mismatched values

Singaporeans want their employers to speak up on social, environmental, and political issues.

Stuck in a rut? Only 22% of Singaporeans get upskilling opportunities

Employees said they want to receive training on soft and technical skills.

What are the top 3 work benefits Singaporeans seek from employers?

Employees are likely to stay with their companies when their benefits package meets their needs.

41% of employees would rather be unemployed than be unhappy at their jobs

The sentiment was stronger in employees aged 25 to 34 than those aged 45 to 54.