Energy & Offshore

25 Apr 17
It was supposed to be due on April 24.
25 Apr 17
But this cannot go on forever, analysts say.
24 Apr 17
Gains from the segment may fall to as low as $3b.
17 Apr 17
KS Distribution is 55.35%-owned entity of KS Energy.
17 Apr 17
It was due to business restructuring.
14 Apr 17
He wanted to pursue other business opportunities.
11 Apr 17
The project’s high-wind location would boost yields by up to $4m.
6 Apr 17
It would result in a one-off charge of around $30m.
4 Apr 17
And here are three questions to ask before buying insurance.
31 Mar 17
Yearly demand for gas is rising at 1.5% till 2040.
16 Mar 17
He was endorsed by the Executive Resource and Compensation Committee.
13 Mar 17
He provided accounting and business consultancy services for a year.
6 Mar 17
Energy sector knocks off real estate as the top notcher in 2016.
3 Mar 17
It is currently seeking advice on the ECS Chapter 11 filing.
1 Mar 17
Ezra may have to take a $170m write-down.
28 Feb 17
Thanks to its strengthened capital base.
24 Feb 17
It has signed a deal with Huadian.
24 Feb 17
But Q4 net profit rose 143% to $147.5m.
23 Feb 17
He is co-founder of Verde Asia Fund.
23 Feb 17
He succeeded Dwi Prasetyo Suseno.
23 Feb 17
Blame the accumulated impairment losses.
21 Feb 17
The government is looking at a rate of $10-20 per tonne of emmissions.
13 Feb 17
In order to fulfil its commitments under the Paris climate change agreement, Singapore’s climate action plan includes a number of strategies...
3 Feb 17
Oil prices have increased to $50s currently.
2 Feb 17
He stepped down as executive director, too.
2 Feb 17
He reasoned current work commitments.
2 Feb 17
It rebounded 19.7% in 4Q!6 from its trough last September.
1 Feb 17
It incurred $277m impairments in its O&M division.
31 Jan 17
He cited personal reason to pursue other career opportunities.
31 Jan 17
He cited personal reason to pursue other career opportunities.
31 Jan 17
It will be selling its stake in GE Keppel Energy Services.
31 Jan 17
It's the group's second 660MW unit.
25 Jan 17
They were both nominated by the committee.
25 Jan 17
She has 15 years of experience as CFO.
25 Jan 17
He was deputy CFO since August 2016.