Energy & Offshore

21 Nov 17
It will streamline coal delivery to state-owned PT Perusahaan Listrick Negara’s project.
21 Nov 17
Their acquisitions in 2017 raised speculations on their listing in India.
16 Nov 17
It will develop activities with two subsidiaries.
15 Nov 17
Thanks to increased customer contributions.
15 Nov 17
It will discuss options on capital structure and liquidity position.
14 Nov 17
Base consideration price rose from $274.89m to $295.3m.
14 Nov 17
Shares sank as the embattled company loses key support.
14 Nov 17
Blame the higher cost of sales.
10 Nov 17
Noble's losses for 2017 have piled up to $4.15b (US$3.05b).
6 Nov 17
He is to pursue other interests.
2 Nov 17
The solar panels will cover 848 HDB blocks and 27 government sites.
1 Nov 17
It will focus on investment holding.
31 Oct 17
Large emitters could be charged $10-20 per tonne of greenhouse gas emissions.
23 Oct 17
This comes as part of its decision to monetise global oil liquids segment.
20 Oct 17
He said it was for personal reasons.
20 Oct 17
She also steps down as company secretary.
20 Oct 17
It was due to competing time commitments.
20 Oct 17
It was his intention to serve for three years.
20 Oct 17
It gained $128m from selling its subsidiaries.
17 Oct 17
All were let go for US$1 each.
16 Oct 17
Sembcorp Marine sold 15 rigs to Borr Drilling for US$1.3b.
12 Oct 17
And here's how bike share firms could stay in business.
10 Oct 17
No thanks to changes in working capital, escrow.
10 Oct 17
Profits from its five rig building contracts have long been reversed out since 2015.
9 Oct 17
Their worth is a 30% drop from the original value.
6 Oct 17
He is to pursue his personal interests.
4 Oct 17
Delivery of three jack-up rigs has been deferred.
2 Oct 17
It was acquired by rival Mercuria Energy America, Inc.
2 Oct 17
It will try to achieve 160,000 annual capacity for products, a first for the group.
27 Sep 17
It said the notes were not delisted from the SGX.
26 Sep 17
The extension will last for a year.
20 Sep 17
It has a gross floor area of around 5445 sqm.
20 Sep 17
It signed a letter of intent for the design and construction of two carriers.
17 Sep 17
She held the position for four years.
17 Sep 17
He is to pursue other career opportunities.
17 Sep 17
It is part of the Board restructuring.
17 Sep 17
She is the CFO of USP Group.
17 Sep 17
He was made an undischarged bankrupt.