Energy & Offshore

19 Feb 18
It is also in talks with stakeholders to launch its restructuring plan.
19 Feb 18
Sembcorp Gayatri Power and SGI to be put under Sembcorp Energy India Limited.
9 Feb 18
This is to drive the adoption of 3D printing in O&G and O&M sectors.
9 Feb 18
The bonds will have a 4.2% coupon.
5 Feb 18
Goldilocks accused Noble of sending out a misleading statement about its restructuring.
2 Feb 18
But an old-fashioned culture remains the biggest barrier.
2 Feb 18
Keppel O&M previously paid $422m to end investigations.
2 Feb 18
Noble claims the accusations are unfounded.
2 Feb 18
The buyers failed to obtain the approval of their executive board.
1 Feb 18
Both aim to promote new and clean energy worldwide.
29 Jan 18
It urged creditors to "demand tougher conditions" and reject Noble's plan.
28 Jan 18
Higher demand for gas vessels in two to three years could drive contract wins to $4b-$5b.
26 Jan 18
This is due to the increasing threat of climate change.
26 Jan 18
The company said that they are still in talks with potential investors.
25 Jan 18
Penalty costs from its bribery case pushed earnings down the drain.
25 Jan 18
The plan reportedly will allow creditors to cash-in on shares from a debt-to-equity swap.
19 Jan 18
Its shares will remain unaffected.
15 Jan 18
But the proceeds are lower than the $760.27m figure disclosed to shareholders.
11 Jan 18
Renewables eats up only 5% of its power mix.
11 Jan 18
And here's how the government is aiding HDB flat owners who cant sell their units.
10 Jan 18
The surge of construction for major projects will end this year, marking a slowdown in investments.
9 Jan 18
In 9M2017, property comprised 55% of contributions, whilst O&M comprised 2%.
21 Dec 17
It is still talking to creditors to extend debt deadlines.
20 Dec 17
Electricity suppliers will be able to monitor electricity consumption more accurately.
19 Dec 17
It's waiting for lenders to extend the waiver for its US$1.1b revolving credit facility.
14 Dec 17
And here's what drove Bitcoin's price 1,600% since the start of 2017.
12 Dec 17
The unnamed buyer exercised a call option in 2015.
8 Dec 17
Mercuria Investments beat Zeeland Farm's base price of $16.83m.
8 Dec 17
It will manage local and overseas fuel procurement and sales.
8 Dec 17
He has personal reason and wants to pursue own interest.
7 Dec 17
The heightened risk and higher environmental costs remain a pressing concern.
4 Dec 17
Orders are expected to come from the non-drilling segment.
29 Nov 17
The group says Noble's balance sheet may still be mired.
28 Nov 17
Difficult trading conditions dragged earnings down.
27 Nov 17
The base asking price is at $16.83m.
21 Nov 17
It will streamline coal delivery to state-owned PT Perusahaan Listrick Negara’s project.
21 Nov 17
Their acquisitions in 2017 raised speculations on their listing in India.
16 Nov 17
It will develop activities with two subsidiaries.
15 Nov 17
Thanks to increased customer contributions.