HR & Education

16 Nov 17
They find it harder to adjust compared to their public school counterparts.
15 Nov 17
But 63% of bosses believe their staff value the benefits.
14 Nov 17
That is after factoring in inflation.
14 Nov 17
Males are more likely to reach out to specialists.
13 Nov 17
Profit attributable to shareholders also rose 20.2% YoY to $10.7m.
10 Nov 17
Blame the discontinuation and teach-out of Raffles Shanghai JV college.
10 Nov 17
Singapore’s job market is on the mend, with the economy expanding 4.6% in the third quarter from a year ago, according to advance estimates...
8 Nov 17
Regulators are finding it hard to spot financial risks as the financial sector grows.
7 Nov 17
There was a decrease in Work Permit Holders in the construction and manufacturing sector.
6 Nov 17
They believe recruitment processes should only last at most four weeks.
6 Nov 17
The rate for citizens declined to 3.2%.
3 Nov 17
66% of retrenched workers were from the services sector.
2 Nov 17
The voluntary turnover rate of 12% broke through the 10% retention programme threshold.
2 Nov 17
Bleak online hiring in the government sector led the decline.
1 Nov 17
A startup technology employee typically earns around $38,000-$59,000.
27 Oct 17
Total employment is boosted by job growth in the services sector.
26 Oct 17
It is an ai-powered recruiting assistant that can conduct first stage screening and interviews.
25 Oct 17
Freelancers for gig companies like Airbnb aren't covered by employment policies.
20 Oct 17
Employee stress is a rising issue in Singapore.
20 Oct 17
94% admit their employees access unnecessary information.
17 Oct 17
The jump may be due to the new restrictions on foreign workers.
17 Oct 17
Job hunters complain they get fewer responses from employers.
15 Oct 17
It would be present in jobs across 23 industries.
13 Oct 17
His interest in the company dipped after a recent placement of 95 million shares.
12 Oct 17
Singapore, along with Australia are the biggest markets for freelance work in the APAC region.
11 Oct 17
Earlier this year, the Global Startup Ecosystem Report and Ranking 2017 by Startup Genome, a US-based organisation, revealed that Singapore has...
11 Oct 17
They lack time, resources, and support from companies.
10 Oct 17
No thanks to weakening manufacturing output.
9 Oct 17
There are 1.6 times more private cars on the road than taxis.
5 Oct 17
They aim to multiply their clients ten times in the next year.
5 Oct 17
Hires in government/PSU/defence sector dropped 11%.
4 Oct 17
He decided to retire and not seek re-election at AGM.
2 Oct 17
And 1 in 5 is now unsure of current career paths.
29 Sep 17
Focus areas will include project financing, advisory and engineering.
29 Sep 17
Issue price is 30 cents for each share.
28 Sep 17
Singapore also remains the top destination for expats.
27 Sep 17
Singapore has long recognised the importance of developing its strongest natural resource: talent.
26 Sep 17
There are 10% more men than women that think so.