HR & Education

19 Jul 17
It beat Sydney and Hong Kong in the APAC region.
17 Jul 17
Singapore is competing in a dynamic global economy in which two assets—a skilled and versatile workforce—as well as the capacity for...
17 Jul 17
There was an increase of more than 350 unique online jobs.
14 Jul 17
35% are motivated by personal development.
14 Jul 17
They spend only 60% of their time on primary tasks.
13 Jul 17
Spending on education to equip students with digital skills has already doubled.
13 Jul 17
Around 59% said employees ended up leaving even with the counteroffer.
12 Jul 17
In Singapore, career paths traditionally focus on the profession or occupation that would meet an individual’s career goals.
12 Jul 17
They comprise 30% of Singapore's resident population.
7 Jul 17
Some in-demand positions are digital designers and managers.
6 Jul 17
We know we need to adapt quickly in a disruptive world.
3 Jul 17
The institution recently rebranded as “The Future Academy”.
29 Jun 17
And here's what you need to know about Singapore's minimum wage.
29 Jun 17
As the city-state remains amongst the costliest cities to live in.
23 Jun 17
A finance controller takes home up to $15,000 a month.
20 Jun 17
Almost 8 in 10 bosses expect stress levels to increase over the next 3 years.
20 Jun 17
An innovation driven economy requires more than the old school.
16 Jun 17
Growth was seen in nine key job sectors.
15 Jun 17
And here's why retiring in Singapore won't be as easy as it was before.
15 Jun 17
Candidates expect greater flexibility around their work hours.
9 Jun 17
Construction sector recorded highest employment declines.
7 Jun 17
It fell from 18th place last year.
7 Jun 17
But seven in 10 are open to retraining.
6 Jun 17
Government, PSU and Defence sector had the steepest decline at 6%.
1 Jun 17
Good news for those earning a basic wage of up to $1,200.
31 May 17
Almost 7 in 10 are motivated by more than just pay.
31 May 17
Fewer firms are basing it on individual performances.
30 May 17
One in 4 companies incurred losses in the past year.
29 May 17
But 1 in 2 say only top performers will receive a bigger paycheck.
29 May 17
One in two Singaporeans think their management would ignore unethical behaviour.
26 May 17
The sector added 600 unique online job postings.
24 May 17
Proposed efforts could come at the expense of private sector participation.
24 May 17
Majority of them expect to finally lay back at 60.
23 May 17
Singapore’s discrepancy rate is above the APAC average.
21 May 17
Job seekers are considering more than just salary.
19 May 17
They aim to help 1m students through their platform by 2020.
18 May 17
The typical package in Singapore dropped 6% to US$235,500.
15 May 17
Around 3,300 jobs were made available for IT professionals.
12 May 17
They still feel gender discrimination and bias against motherhood in the workplace.
11 May 17
More than 2 in 5 firms in Singapore have technologists in leadership roles.