HR & Education

26 May 17
The sector added 600 unique online job postings.
24 May 17
Proposed efforts could come at the expense of private sector participation.
24 May 17
Majority of them expect to finally lay back at 60.
23 May 17
Singapore’s discrepancy rate is above the APAC average.
21 May 17
Job seekers are considering more than just salary.
19 May 17
They aim to help 1m students through their platform by 2020.
18 May 17
The typical package in Singapore dropped 6% to US$235,500.
15 May 17
Around 3,300 jobs were made available for IT professionals.
12 May 17
They still feel gender discrimination and bias against motherhood in the workplace.
11 May 17
More than 2 in 5 firms in Singapore have technologists in leadership roles.
10 May 17
But it still lags behind its Asian peers when it comes to diversity in the workplace.
9 May 17
This thinking is most prevalent amongst IT workers.
4 May 17
Recruitment campaigns are being prolonged and rerun.
2 May 17
It will focus on blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.
28 Apr 17
Total employment contracted by 8,500.
27 Apr 17
As of April 2017, it achieved 35,000 downloads.
26 Apr 17
Biggest decline was seen in the finance sector.
21 Apr 17
And here are the four most in-demand skills in the finance sector.
20 Apr 17
It is to boost their in-house digital marketing capabilities.
18 Apr 17
It also ranked second worldwide, next to Switzerland.
13 Apr 17
Employers will be allowed to purchase NTUC Club corporate membership.
12 Apr 17
And here are three things firms can do to help their employees be more engaged.
11 Apr 17
Pay discrepancies between top management and line executives in Asia are widening.
10 Apr 17
Only 59% of women in Singapore are happy with their employers.
6 Apr 17
And here are the things you should avoid if you want to earn passive income.
6 Apr 17
They will be hiring beyond replacement roles.
5 Apr 17
And here are four ways to protect yourself from retrenchment.
5 Apr 17
A triple-tier target has been set to raise participation by up to 30%.
3 Apr 17
And here are four well-paying jobs that don't require degrees.
3 Apr 17
Average tenure is around two years.
30 Mar 17
A fair policy for all employees could convince more to take advantage of flexible working practices.
30 Mar 17
Information technology and telecom sectors posted double-digit growth.
30 Mar 17
Key challenges include skills shift, low engagement, and poor retention.
29 Mar 17
They say Gen Y lacks necessary skills.
29 Mar 17
Unit labour costs rose 3.9%.