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15 Feb 17
Only if the terms and conditions are right, says tourism chief.
16 Jan 17
He is to pursue personal interests and business.
30 Dec 16
Santa and his dearest cats are taking the time off!
22 Dec 16
Philippines is competing to become Asia's gambling hub.
16 Dec 16
International operators may be limited to JVs with Japanese partners.
16 Dec 16
It was January 2014, and Shailash Naik, CEO of MatchMove Global Pte Ltd was pleased.
12 Dec 16
Shopping spending surged 44% in the first six months of the year.
2 Dec 16
The service is available on Singtel Music for $15.90 per month.
30 Nov 16
The Japan casino bill is more likely to be passed, says analyst.
29 Nov 16
Failure to pass Japan's casino bill would send stock prices plummeting.
24 Nov 16
They spend two hours every day.
24 Nov 16
Improving VIP volumes is one.
24 Nov 16
A final decision will be reached before end-2016.
22 Nov 16
This is after Ecclestone's remark about Singapore.
22 Nov 16
And here are five ways to avoid stress when travelling with kids.
22 Nov 16
Math practice is enmeshed in an engaging detective story.
21 Nov 16
September's daily attendance plunging 27% to 73,000 since 2008 a key factor.
15 Nov 16
Thanks to strong shares from new hotels.
15 Nov 16
Here are three reasons.
15 Nov 16
Revenue surged 175.6% to $35m.
14 Nov 16
It wants to refocus on Japan market.
11 Nov 16
Its blockbuster movie 'Masters' could yield $7.9m.
8 Nov 16
Along with the inaugural Photo17 Singapore on January 19-22, 2017.
8 Nov 16
VIP and mass segment gaming volumes still dropped yoy.
7 Nov 16
It has a 40% net cash backing.
4 Nov 16
Uncertainty around the gaming industry, however lingers.
3 Nov 16
Adverse FX translation marred hotel performance.
26 Oct 16
You can place bets on F1 and football, but casino games are banned.
11 Oct 16
Total interest is comprised of 450,000 issued and paid-up ordinary shares.
5 Oct 16
Singaporean IRs' VIP revenue massively dropped 39% since 2014.
30 Sep 16
Government sets $1M fine for every violation.
22 Sep 16
Here's their top 10 cities to cath-em all.
21 Sep 16
They run after adventures and great local experiences.
19 Sep 16
Event attendance crashed to 73,000 a day.
14 Sep 16
Magical night-lit racetracks and mesmerising soundtracks come together this Grand Prix Season Singapore as the highly anticipated launch of...
9 Sep 16
Fans can save up to one-third of ticket prices.
8 Sep 16
A Taiwanese ballerina opens a pilates studio in Singapore.