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29 Mar 17
Bahrain aims to be a fintech hub in the Middle East.
29 Mar 17
It’s the second REIT ETF listed on the bourse.
29 Mar 17
Executive chairman Oei Siu Hoa wants to privatise TGL at $0.33 per share.
28 Mar 17
A Raffles City could be considered.
28 Mar 17
The joint venture now has total operating capacity of 4 million TEUs.
28 Mar 17
Part of the collaboration involves information sharing about emerging fintech trends.
28 Mar 17
Jiangsu Nantong Yanhai Emerging Industrial Investment Fund is now an associate.
27 Mar 17
They want to make the shares more affordable.
27 Mar 17
This is to compensate for lower domestic rates.
27 Mar 17
The project will double its existing capacity by 2020.
27 Mar 17
With Telkomsel as its partner, the service will be available in Indonesia.
24 Mar 17
It was transacted at an attractive price of S$14.25m.
24 Mar 17
Currently it has 20 licensed projects across the country.
23 Mar 17
He earned S$30,239 from his spoofing.
23 Mar 17
The US is said to be preparing the charges, including wire fraud.
23 Mar 17
The bourse questioned Tuesday's unusual price movements.
22 Mar 17
Rickmers Maritime Trust has until 15 April 2017 to propose a better plan.
21 Mar 17
From its IPO price of $0.25, Kimly opened at $0.55 on Monday.
20 Mar 17
The purchase is worth around $53.5m.
19 Mar 17
It can manage transactions made by SMEs with suppliers, banks.
17 Mar 17
The move complements the Philippine government’s national cyber security plan.
16 Mar 17
A uniform legal tender limit of 10 coins per denomination is proposed.
13 Mar 17
It will give full outpatient medical coverage for accidents and illnesses.
9 Mar 17
It can translate up to 90 different languages.
8 Mar 17
It will serve as the company’s hub for the APAC region.
8 Mar 17
Policy changes to include expanding the DSA scheme and promoting healthy lunch.
7 Mar 17
Customers can sign up for an exclusive beta testing opportunity.
1 Mar 17
It is targeted for the public sector.
28 Feb 17
New satellite to stake Singapore’s position in the global space market.
28 Feb 17
Expansion into multi-trillion China healthcare market eyed.
22 Feb 17
It has a paid up capital of $3.2m.
8 Feb 17
SingPass 2FA is required to file your Income Tax.
6 Feb 17
It is a tie-up with Asian Business Software Solutions.
1 Feb 17
Seven categories will be awarded on March 23, 2017.
25 Jan 17
It will be in Capella Hotel on Sentosa Island.
19 Jan 17
It wants to democratise the working experience across companies of all sizes.
16 Jan 17
It will offer 151.8m units at $0.80 per unit.
16 Jan 17
It leverages on Singapore's status as a marine hub.