Shipping & Marine

26 May 17
This is a sharp drop versus the $4.9b new orders in 2019.
22 May 17
It was named Flag Lama.
19 May 17
Could this mean its exposure to oil and gas now insignificant?
18 May 17
He wants to pursue other interests.
16 May 17
He has a new appointment.
16 May 17
They resigned following a judicial management order.
12 May 17
The lower gross profit margin is partly to blame.
11 May 17
It said its operating environment remained challenging.
11 May 17
And here are 8 blue chip stocks investors should consider this year.
10 May 17
Due to some personal reasons.
10 May 17
It is called Global eTrade Services.
9 May 17
It is through a partnership with DHL.
8 May 17
The company received numerous order cancellation requests.
4 May 17
Thanks to its robust urban development business.
3 May 17
Potential M&As in Singapore yards is one.
3 May 17
And here's why Sembcorp Marine is still hurting.
28 Apr 17
All thanks to the resale of four bulk carriers.
28 Apr 17
Lower turnover for rigs and floaters badgered its earnings.
28 Apr 17
An agreement with ST Electronics is one.
27 Apr 17
It clinched the top sport for the third time.
26 Apr 17
This is to deepen collaboration and strengthen linkages within trade.
24 Apr 17
This is for the construction of five jack-up rigs originally for Transocean.
18 Apr 17
He is taking an executive position in another company.
4 Apr 17
This is to promote greater collaboration between the port sectors of the two countries.
28 Mar 17
The joint venture now has total operating capacity of 4 million TEUs.
28 Mar 17
Jiangsu Nantong Yanhai Emerging Industrial Investment Fund is now an associate.
22 Mar 17
Borr Drilling will pay a downpayment of US$275m.
22 Mar 17
Lenders might demand immediate repayment.
22 Mar 17
Rickmers Maritime Trust has until 15 April 2017 to propose a better plan.
21 Mar 17
Six firms have defaulted since November 2015.
19 Mar 17
This came after weeks of facing hostile actions from creditors.
14 Mar 17
Key to surviving was a strong cash flow generation.
13 Mar 17
It served as a guarantor to the vessel’s Bareboat Charter.
13 Mar 17
It has partnered with Nanyang Polytechnic and Singapore Polytechnic.
9 Mar 17
These jobs will be more knowledge-intensive.
8 Mar 17
It will deepen maritime research and development competencies.
8 Mar 17
3 in 5 firms say there is a lack of access to Big Data.
7 Mar 17
Capital goods are up more than 20% in 2017.