Shipping & Marine

18 Jan 17
Its new build orders will likely remain below required replenishment levels.
9 Jan 17
Delivery date would be moved to March 30, 2018.
28 Dec 16
He was unhappy over the procedure and process of the appointment of the new CFO.
21 Dec 16
Trading suspension might be underway.
19 Dec 16
It wants a slice of Australia's $89b submarine upgrading program.
14 Dec 16
Sluggish flow of new orders pushed the firm to trim manpower.
9 Dec 16
Another 30% slash is expected next year.
9 Dec 16
Annual contract wins could shrink by over half from peak levels.
8 Dec 16
At 45.1%, it has the lowest net gearing among mid-cap firms.
7 Dec 16
Other current and ex-directors were also investigated.
7 Dec 16
Management says the investigation is not related to the company.
6 Dec 16
The company is unable to disclose further information.
5 Dec 16
The ship builder considers legal recourse.
5 Dec 16
The total claims are worth over $10m.
2 Dec 16
It will only be in force until October next year.
30 Nov 16
E&P companies seen primary beneficiaries.
23 Nov 16
He will continue to serve as senior executive vice president.
23 Nov 16
Its utilities segment is still robust.
22 Nov 16
Proceeds will be used to pay off DBS bank debt.
18 Nov 16
It plunged 37% to $220m in 3Q.
18 Nov 16
It seeks immediate trading suspension.
17 Nov 16
He was the United States ambassador to Singapore from 1997 to 2001.
16 Nov 16
Net proceeds amount to $48.32m.
14 Nov 16
Here's why $0.24 cash offer is reasonable.
11 Nov 16
Its diversification strategy paid off.
11 Nov 16
But it could hope for US defense budget hike to stay afloat.
10 Nov 16
He has been company secretary to so many companies.
10 Nov 16
It's under pressure to maintain a strong balance sheet.
10 Nov 16
Working capital could rise to finance 13 shipbuilding orders to-date.
9 Nov 16
Blame it on impairment losses.
3 Nov 16
It's exposure to Cosco stood at $27m.
2 Nov 16
The delivery is extended to August 20, 2017.
1 Nov 16
She is also the acting financial controller.
31 Oct 16
The closure of Hanjin Shipping is a major drag.
31 Oct 16
The only good news is earnings are stabilising after its $22m loss in 3Q16.
28 Oct 16
Deferment and cancellation risks remain prevalent in the current climate.
26 Oct 16
Gross profits for the first nine months also plunged 44% to $258m.
26 Oct 16
Around 2.9m sq ft of spaces will be available for tenants in 2017.
20 Oct 16
Noteholders are stating their desire to take legal steps.