17 May 17
And here's what you need to know about the temporary closure in Singapore Changi.
8 May 17
The group eyes improving its net loss of $16m in the country.
4 May 17
Its European Energy Exchange acquired CLTX last year.
4 May 17
Thanks to its robust urban development business.
19 Apr 17
The facility will produce industrial gases from various feedstock.
14 Apr 17
He tendered resignation due to personal reasons.
6 Apr 17
And here are the things you should avoid if you want to earn passive income.
4 Apr 17
It uses predictive analytics in the operations of utilities plants.
2 Mar 17
It is to reflect water's true scarcity value.
30 Jan 17
He wanted to pursue personal interests.
14 Jan 17
He was advisor to KKR Water Investment.
22 Dec 16
It is expected to be operational in 2020.
22 Dec 16
The funding is for its power plant project in Bangladesh.
21 Dec 16
It could veer off course with a strong La Niña event.
19 Dec 16
It is expected to deliver 12% earnings growth next year.
6 Dec 16
There's an additional consideration for up to $130m.
2 Dec 16
Total value of all deals sits at $48m.
23 Nov 16
Its utilities segment is still robust.
15 Nov 16
This is despite revenue surging 39% to $342m.
9 Nov 16
Longjiang Group profits could rise 20% annually through 2018.
8 Nov 16
Thanks to higher water treatment and supply sales volume.
6 Nov 16
The Indian coal-based power plant delivered $6.5m profits in 3Q.
4 Nov 16
Revenue reached peak at $296m.
1 Nov 16
It needs to secure long-term power purchase agreements.
31 Oct 16
The contract is for 15.5 years.
28 Oct 16
The $187.1m investment ups Alibaba’s stake in SingPost to 14.4%.
25 Oct 16
Consumers to get app to check power usage.
21 Oct 16
Bank of China charges them for overdue interest, for one.
20 Oct 16
Net gearing will also rise to over 50%, analyst said.
16 Oct 16
His resignation became effective on September 22, 2016.
14 Oct 16
Additional 3,800MW of power generation capacity expected until 2018.
12 Oct 16
Mr. Goh will assist newly appointed chief financial officer.
12 Oct 16
Mr. Anwar will be assisted by Mr.
5 Oct 16
The largest dam remains at a critically low level.
4 Oct 16
Impact to utilities business now only accounts for 16% of profits.
3 Oct 16
Electricity prices stabilising at $50/MWHh brought little hope.
29 Sep 16
Profitability of an Indian unit to rise by 86% in 2H.
27 Sep 16
Marine segment contribution is poised to shrink to around 20%.
14 Sep 16
The contracts are in China, Malaysia and Singapore.