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Is working in Singapore ‘worth it’ for expatriates?

In 2022, salary and benefits packages in Singapore rose by 4% to US$258,762.

Singapore is 5th most expensive location for expatriates

The Lion City jumped eight places in ECA’s cost of living rankings.

Singapore rises as 2nd most expensive location in Asia for business travel 

The average business trip to Singapore now costs US$515 per day.

Chart of the day: Singapore expat packages places 8th in Asia rankings

Salary and benefits packages in the country rose by 4%.

SG still the most liveable location for ex-pats: ECA

Amid lower scores, Singapore remained the top choice for East Asian ex-pats.

Singapore up two ranks to become 12th most expensive location globally

The majority of the locations on the list are Asian cities. 

SG employees to see 3.5% salary increase in 2022

Meanwhile, real salary increase rates across the APAC region are forecast to be 1.9%.

Singapore is 17th most expensive location to send expat workers

The expatriate pay package for mid-level workers costs around US$225,171 annually. 

SG remains among top 10 most expensive locations in Asia

The Lion City ranks 13th most expensive location for expatriates in the world.