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Property acquisition is significant driver of debts in Singapore

Less than half of Singaporeans take loans or debts to buy immovable property.

More than half of SG households have changed their grocery-buying habits

Forty-two per cent said they now have a lower budget for groceries.

Sustainable SG: Singaporeans reveal top 3 sectors for green investments

More than half of local investors plan to increase investments due to improved market stability.

What are Singaporeans' top travel destinations for 2023?

Most of them travel for sightseeing and shopping.

Almost half are likely to use ChatGPT for general searching

This includes searching for nutritional information on food.

Chart of the Day: Majority has reservations when chatting with ChatGPT

Non-consensual data collection and misinformation are some of their worries.

Is humour the best medicine vs stress at work? Majority says it is

Nearly seven in 10 workers said jokes can reduce burnout.

9 in 10 Singaporeans plan to increase crypto investments in 2022

They believe crypto's value will increase in the next five years.

Hello to Hybrid – The modern Singapore workforce

Milieu Insight, in its latest survey, examined how employee demands and expectations have shifted.