condominium rents

Condo rents drop 0.3% MoM in March

Rents across sub-markets dropped in March, except for CCR.

Condo rents volumes slip by 0.9% in January

An estimated 6,285 units were rented during the month. 

Condo rents climb 2.7% MoM in October

Across sub-markets, RCR saw the highest rent increase.

Condo rents climb 3.3% MoM in September

Across sub-markets, RCR saw the highest rent increase.

Rise of the rents: Condo and HDB rents continue monthly climb

Analysts are divided on why rents continue to increase.

Condo rents up by almost 3% MoM in May 

This marked an increase for the 17th consecutive month. 

Condo rents up 1.6% MoM for January 2022

HDB rentals, meanwhile, also saw a 1.2% increase.

Condo rents pick up 1.1% MoM in December 2021

HDB rents also climbed 1.4% MoM, according to and SRX.

Condo rents up 1.1% MoM in November

HDB rents also increased by 0.8%.

Condo rents up 1.3% MoM in October

HDB rents, meanwhile, also increased by 0.2%.

Condo rents up 0.7% m-o-m in September

HDB rents, meanwhile, saw an increase by 0.6% m-o-m.

HDB, condo rents rise in August but volumes fail to match estimates: analysts

Domestic demand is propping up the leasing market, especially HDB upgraders.

More than 5,000 condos rented in July

Most of the rented condos for the month were located Outside Central Region.

Condo rents stay the same in June

Meanwhile, private and HDB rental volumes rose for the third consecutive month.

Condo rents increase by 7.3% in May

Condo rents increased by 7.3%, HDB rents by 7.9% year-on-year.