Analytics tool tells developers how much to sell units for

Real estate companies, Savills, LanciaConsult, and REA Analytics, have come together to develop a new tool called the REA Developer Suite. This tool is designed to aid real estate professionals in making better decisions when it comes to residential development. The collaboration began when REA Analytics acquired a Singapore-based platform, SoReal Prop, which gathers data from the top three real estate agents in the country. The REA Developer Suite provides real estate professionals with real-time market data and analytics, helping them make more informed decisions. The CEO of Savills in Southeast Asia, Christopher Marriot, explains that SoReal Prop was created by the three leading real estate firms in Singapore and is responsible for handling nearly 80% of the transactions in the country. Jean-Michel Paul, CEO of REA Analytics, highlighted that their expertise in big data and AI paired with SoReal Prop's real-time data was a perfect match. Jeff Cronkshaw, CEO of LanciaConsult, stated that their role in the partnership was to bring together the different strengths of the companies and provide a technology-neutral approach to the venture. This new tool, REA Developer Suite, has the potential to revolutionize the real estate industry by providing real-time data and insights to aid professionals in making more informed decisions about development prospects in specific areas. With the support of these three leading companies, the REA Developer Suite is expected to be a valuable tool for real estate experts worldwide.