26 May 17
It plans to add almost 300 beds over over FY18/19.
22 May 17
Firms continue to acquire clinics.
8 May 17
Therapists will be able to use wearable sensors and remote monitoring.
8 May 17
And here's how AI can be a game-changer for the healthcare industry.
5 May 17
He wanted to pursue other career opportunities.
2 May 17
Muted operations in Singapore led to its first revenue decline since 2004.
27 Apr 17
That is despite the increase in hiring.
26 Apr 17
It will acquire over 900 beds from Orange Valley.
25 Apr 17
Rental income from Raffles Holland Village is one.
24 Apr 17
No thanks to softer demand from foreign patients.
21 Apr 17
Raffles Medical Group plans to set up two hospitals in the country.
18 Apr 17
He wanted to focus on other professional endeavors.
13 Apr 17
It could shoo away foreign patients.
6 Apr 17
There are no other healthcare facilities nearby.
5 Apr 17
Its plans to expand in China spell further cost pressures.
5 Apr 17
Two directors nominated by Genting join Nova Satra’s board.
4 Apr 17
It turns out the one in Shanghai won’t be its first outside Singapore.
31 Mar 17
Japan and India account for more than half of market share.
30 Mar 17
It’s the company’s first outside Singapore.
27 Mar 17
The project will double its existing capacity by 2020.
10 Mar 17
About 9,000 additional staff will be needed until 2020.
7 Mar 17
Over the past 6 years, it has grown its boot campers from 10 to 10,000.
7 Mar 17
CXA Group is the first to receive funding from the alliance.
28 Feb 17
Expansion into multi-trillion China healthcare market eyed.
27 Feb 17
Rising government spending to sustain further growth.
22 Feb 17
She succeeded Chew Khong Yuen.
22 Feb 17
For starters, it is still seeing a drop in medical tourism.
21 Feb 17
Thanks to healthcare services' 30.8% revenue growth.
13 Feb 17
With state-of-the-art infrastructure and a reputation for excellent medical practice, Singapore has a well-deserved reputation for first-class...
6 Feb 17
It aims to help both local fitness clubs and travellers alike.
30 Jan 17
He reasoned the shareholders tussle.
20 Jan 17
It is set to ramp up the Orchard Medical Centre.
20 Jan 17
By that time, 1 in 4 citizens would have reached the age of 65.
19 Jan 17
It is set to add 220,000 sf to the health facility.
19 Jan 17
The system is now divided into three integrated clusters.
12 Jan 17
Is the current cap on tax deductibility impaired provision of medical benefits?
12 Jan 17
It consolidates five different software to address SMEs' needs.
9 Jan 17
It could deliver a 27% net profit growth this year.
27 Dec 16
And yes, marathons overseas are part of this startup.