19 Jan 17
It is set to add 220,000 sf to the health facility.
19 Jan 17
The system is now divided into three integrated clusters.
12 Jan 17
Is the current cap on tax deductibility impaired provision of medical benefits?
12 Jan 17
It consolidates five different software to address SMEs' needs.
9 Jan 17
It could deliver a 27% net profit growth this year.
27 Dec 16
And yes, marathons overseas are part of this startup.
22 Dec 16
Since gaining its independence a little over half a century ago, Singapore has made giant strides forward and stands out not only within the...
22 Dec 16
Everyday pain conditions can now be easily addressed.
19 Dec 16
Patient enrollment will begin early next year.
18 Dec 16
They were both nominated by Kunlum Investment Holding.
18 Dec 16
She wishes to devote more time to her other commitments.
9 Dec 16
Ritual Gym aims to make exercise a vital part of a busy employee's day.
8 Dec 16
It's healthcare business could be worth $1.1b.
8 Dec 16
Cambodia and Vietnam are their top preferrences.
8 Dec 16
The new instrument will be used for abdominal operations.
25 Nov 16
Topline expands 18.4% to $423m.
24 Nov 16
By June 2014, Lau Wing Chew, Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) of Alexandra Health System (AHS) in Singapore, had implemented several...
23 Nov 16
She remains chief operating officer of the company.
22 Nov 16
The market is slated to grow at around 6%.
21 Nov 16
Management cites market volatility as a key reason.
18 Nov 16
Meet a national swimmer in late 20s who founded his own studio.
18 Nov 16
It pulls data from wearable consumer sensors to give an overview of a person's health.
16 Nov 16
His retirement is part of the succession plan.
16 Nov 16
Improved property segment occupancy boosted its earnings.
15 Nov 16
Meeting rooms were named after UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
14 Nov 16
Dental outlets in Singapore contributed higher earnings.
11 Nov 16
Its 3Q ASP declined 2.5% despite robust healthcare market.
30 Oct 16
The appointment is non-executive and effective on October 24, 2016.
30 Oct 16
It was a non-executive appointment.
26 Oct 16
Change from premise based to digital based laws will increase patient accountability.
25 Oct 16
No decline in foreign patients seen as new wing nears completion.
24 Oct 16
Thanks to higher healthcare service revenues.
24 Oct 16
The strategy aims to address the issues brought by its ageing society.
21 Oct 16
It also secured an additional $1.8m for after sales maintenance.
21 Oct 16
How would the commercial success of biomedical technology help in the fight against diabetes in Singapore?
20 Oct 16
Retaining doctors is a major challenge, however.