Hotels & Tourism

15 Sep 17
It will add lifestyle benefits like e-shopping vouchers and free stays.
8 Sep 17
Claremont was based in South Korea.
7 Sep 17
This surprise travel company books your flight and accommodation, but here’s the catch, you only know your destination once you’re...
5 Sep 17
It could yield as much as 30% in rewards.
30 Aug 17
Singaporeans expect more disappointments than the rest of Asians.
25 Aug 17
It is a campaign to attract both tourists and businesses.
23 Aug 17
This is lower than the 5.9% projection last quarter.
22 Aug 17
Tourism receipts in July reached US$4.7b.
17 Aug 17
25% enjoy local cultural activities.
17 Aug 17
It has secured a temporary occupation permit recently.
11 Aug 17
And here's the best air miles credit cards for frequent flyers.
10 Aug 17
This led to the 6% growth in the net property income.
10 Aug 17
Whilst market occupancy fared better, reaching 85.6%.
8 Aug 17
STB recorded 5.79m visitors in the first four months of the year.
4 Aug 17
The company is getting dragged by hiking prices of raw materials.
4 Aug 17
The group is failing to beat operating challenges.
3 Aug 17
Hospitality and retail segments boosted its revenue by 16.0%.
2 Aug 17
STB noted that revenues came in at around $0.8b.
1 Aug 17
Tourism receipts grew by 15%.
31 Jul 17
It is hurt by the bottoming of the hotel market.
31 Jul 17
Hotel groups' consolidation may result in fewer pricing options.
31 Jul 17
Newly acquired hotels abroad improved the company's performance.
30 Jul 17
In Singapore (and the world), the business strategy of hotels is changing—because the way people use hotels is changing.
28 Jul 17
It was boosted by the contribution from The Lowry Hotel in the UK.
28 Jul 17
Cruise passengers from India jumped 29%.
25 Jul 17
It adds 328 new rooms to the Hilton Garden Inn Brand.
21 Jul 17
Chinese tourists’ overseas spending could hit US$429b.
21 Jul 17
Airbnb-like company Roomorama halts processing bookings.
14 Jul 17
Supply will grow 2.3% beyond 2018.
14 Jul 17
Singapore recorded 16 million international arrivals last year.
13 Jul 17
Latest visitor arrival growth was at 4.4%.
12 Jul 17
It has been gradually declining in the last five years.
10 Jul 17
The opening of Changi Terminal 4 is one.
7 Jul 17
It recently acquired an additional 60% stake in an Aussie SR.
5 Jul 17
APAC hotel investment volumes were over US$2.9b.
4 Jul 17
The divestment will register a yield of $198m.
4 Jul 17
URA reduced the minimum stay for private properties to three months.
27 Jun 17
January to April figures point to a 4.4% decrease in RevPAR.