Hotels & Tourism

17 Nov 17
It posted a marginal decrease of 0.3 percentage points from last year.
17 Nov 17
This comes as the company reels from $10.8m loss a year ago.
16 Nov 17
The request was made pending an announcement of a major transaction.
9 Nov 17
The city registered 17.6 million visitors this year.
7 Nov 17
Its assets in Australia performed poorly and dragged sales down.
6 Nov 17
Tourist arrivals from Mainland China outpaced arrivals from Indonesia.
2 Nov 17
It's suffering from lower daily rates and occupancy.
2 Nov 17
Thanks to income from Crowne Plaza Changi Airport for saving this quarter's figures.
30 Oct 17
But profits from its Sydney and Singapore declined.
27 Oct 17
Thanks to contributions from new acquisitions and NPI growth from New Zealand.
25 Oct 17
It is the first Asian country to have grabbed the title.
24 Oct 17
It created 164,000 jobs, larger in number than jobs in banking and manufacturing.
12 Oct 17
He is currently working as EVP and COO of China Vanke Group.
11 Oct 17
It had favourable conditions for security, cultural events, and restaurants.
6 Oct 17
They prefer to use their end-of-year bonus.
6 Oct 17
Visitors staying in hotels dropped to 60%.
4 Oct 17
It wants to focus on its Chinese market.
2 Oct 17
It has just secured eight congresses and tradeshows in 1H18.
29 Sep 17
Two typhoons drove visitor arrivals down by 0.6%.
28 Sep 17
The move is part of overall restructuring.
28 Sep 17
The number visitors from abroad grew 8.8% in 2016.
27 Sep 17
An airport constructed by its subsidiary also opened.
22 Sep 17
It will help develop its leisure and hospitality businesses.
22 Sep 17
But revPAR could dip by 3% this year.
21 Sep 17
Growth drivers include a new airport terminal and more calendar events.
21 Sep 17
Its stock price is at $3.7, 98% higher YTD.
15 Sep 17
It will add lifestyle benefits like e-shopping vouchers and free stays.
8 Sep 17
Claremont was based in South Korea.
7 Sep 17
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5 Sep 17
It could yield as much as 30% in rewards.
30 Aug 17
Singaporeans expect more disappointments than the rest of Asians.
25 Aug 17
It is a campaign to attract both tourists and businesses.
23 Aug 17
This is lower than the 5.9% projection last quarter.
22 Aug 17
Tourism receipts in July reached US$4.7b.
17 Aug 17
25% enjoy local cultural activities.
17 Aug 17
It has secured a temporary occupation permit recently.
11 Aug 17
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10 Aug 17
This led to the 6% growth in the net property income.
10 Aug 17
Whilst market occupancy fared better, reaching 85.6%.