MIND headquarters in Singapore for SEA expansion

The MothersonSumi INfotech & Designs SG Pte. Ltd. is located in Suntec City. 

MIND headquarters in Singapore for SEA expansion

The MothersonSumi INfotech & Designs SG Pte. Ltd. is located in Suntec City. 

Marketing Briefing: 'Go-local' trend rise as pandemic drags on

Local businesses were also supported by the rising cultural sentiment for local brands.

How this Singapore-based microlending platform demystifies cryptocurrency

Technicorum CEO Daniel Daboczy discusses why Singapore is the next big crypto hub.

Gen Z: The trials and tribulations of seeking employment

Accounting expert Chiew Chun Wee talks about the challenges faced by Singapore’s younger employees.

Bridge+ at 79 Robinson Road provides fintech community space, avenue for collaborations

It occupies three floors and a space of 56,000 sq. ft. at the 29-storey Grade A office building.

A bridge over digitalised water: Smart Water brings Singapore and Netherlands together

Singapore is not alone in its Smart Water journey, and private companies from all over the world are offering solutions.

Singapore's F&B industry banks on digitalisation to survive circuit breaker

Digitalisation has become the industry’s strongest support beam.

How this tech startup started a new wave for smart scanner solutions

WaveScan’s proprietary tech allows for safer and smarter infrastructure maintenance.

Marketing Briefing: F&B, groceries to thrive in 24/7 service

This is driven by the 2.2 billion internet users in the Asia Pacific region.

How can SMEs start investing in their cybersecurity?

Flexxon CEO Camellia Chan talks about the hurdles faced by smaller businesses when it comes to staying safe online.

Digitalisation creeping into non-tech roles as Singapore banks accelerate hiring

The sector will continue in a “reform and transform” path, hinging on successful digital banking applicants.

Recovery relies on border restrictions easing

Outlook for the tourism and food and beverage sectors do not look promising for the remainder of 2021.

HR Briefing: Drawing the line between work-from-home and life-at-home

The work from home setup may be taking a toll on the mental health of workers in Singapore. It’s something HR leaders should keep a close eye on as the pandemic continues.

Legal Briefing: The Electronic Transaction Amendment Act: A step to the digital future?

Digitalisation continues to assimilate itself into every aspect of everyday life, as almost everything requires a “digital equivalent”.

Singapore takes a lion share of Southeast Asian M&As

Not even the pandemic could fully defeat the investor demand for up and coming Singapore firms in the company market.

The lack of innovation in Singapore’s telco industry

And how one telco startup is determined to change it.

ESG funds, the next trend in early stage investments?

Logistics, SaaS, health tech, and e-commerce industries to see significant growth in this ‘golden age of technology'.