great resignation

Underpaid? Only 31% of employees say they are fairly rewarded financially

Those who don't receive fair financial rewards may consider changing jobs.

Chart of the day: Which firms are most affected by talent shortage

Almost 90% of medium-sized firms face talent shortage.

1 in 3 workers mull changing employers in 1H 2022

Randstad said more employees are tempted to switch jobs as job vacancies abound.

92% of SMEs see setback in digital transformation plans amidst great resignation

SMEs said digital transformation is critical for them to survive the next 12 months.

Bad working conditions? Only 5 in 10 will stay with their employers in 2022

SG’s employee retention rate was the lowest in APAC at 53%.

Why tech leaders are key to a productive post-pandemic workplace in Singapore

The pandemic has driven permanent changes in employee expectations of their employers, especially with regards to flexibility in their work locations and schedules.

85% of Singaporeans are eyeing to shift jobs in the next 6-12 months

Some cited flexible working conditions for leaving current employers.

Singapore legal industry sees highest number of departures

Thanks to the Great Resignation, burnout, and generation gap, The Law Society of Singapore said.

Talent war: Can companies dodge the great resignation?

Qualtrics reported that 58% of Singaporeans plan to switch jobs in 2022.