22 Mar 17
In case the airline does not appeal the European Commission’s fine.
21 Mar 17
Every 1ppt improvement leads to about $30m in operating profit.
16 Mar 17
And here's what needs to change in workplaces.
9 Mar 17
These jobs will be more knowledge-intensive.
28 Feb 17
And here are five airlines with the most comfortable economy seats.
14 Feb 17
Here are the best times to book flights in Singapore.
13 Feb 17
SIA hedged 33-39% of fuel requirements until 2022.
10 Feb 17
It has hedged between 33-39% of their fuel requirements.
10 Feb 17
Thanks to lower expenditures.
9 Feb 17
It will be negatively impacted by tepid world trade.
9 Feb 17
The aircraft would be valued at $13.8b.
8 Feb 17
Blame the absence of a gain from SilkAir's sales.
1 Feb 17
And here are 3 secrets to snagging cheaper flights in Singapore.
24 Jan 17
He succeeded Stephen Lee.
20 Jan 17
It upgraded the flight it operates under fifth-freedom rights.
20 Jan 17
More than 2 in 5 expect profit increase in the next twelve months.
11 Jan 17
It ranked seventh, with KLM topping the list.
8 Jan 17
According to academics and scholars – such as Clayton Christensen, the father of disruptive innovation theory – disruptive...
5 Jan 17
He was chairman of the board for more than ten years.
22 Dec 16
It is expected to yield $250m over an 8-year term.
20 Dec 16
Australia already signed an open aviation market agreement with China.
19 Dec 16
More flights are coming to Australia, Europe, Southeast Asia, and West Asia.
18 Dec 16
Due to weak demand from South West Pacific.
16 Dec 16
It's the second Scandinavian city on its network.
15 Dec 16
It has also re-negotitated the brand franchise agreement with Tigerair Taiwan.
13 Dec 16
It is plotting a course for heavy growth and new revenue streams.
7 Dec 16
SIA may tighten budget on passenger giveaways as fuel cost surges.
7 Dec 16
It is expected to generate 14% ROIC by next year.
28 Nov 16
Travel between Jakarta and Singapore alone hit 3.5m passengers.
22 Nov 16
That's effective starting December 1.
21 Nov 16
Leonardo Helicopters, maker of the world-renowned AgustaWestland fleet, is spreading its wings further by collaborating with Nanyang...