20 Oct 17
Users will be able to pay for tickets and fees with the new feature.
18 Oct 17
SATS will invest in a catering company in Turkey that will operate one of the largest in-flight kitchens in the world.
17 Oct 17
But passenger growth in its South West Pacific route failed to keep up with capacity injection.
13 Oct 17
Almost half of its operating expenses are poured on labour.
10 Oct 17
Parent company SIA is consolidating its businesses.
9 Oct 17
Both will offer services to airports in India.
5 Oct 17
It inked MOUs with nine air cargo firms.
5 Oct 17
Its first flight will go to Hiroshima, Japan.
5 Oct 17
SIAEC holds a 49% equity stake in it.
3 Oct 17
He retired by rotation from office.
3 Oct 17
He assumes a new role within the BP Group.
29 Sep 17
The two will cooperate on flights to more European countries.
28 Sep 17
Both countries' airlines will be able to fly with fewer restrictions.
18 Sep 17
But PLF declined for the South West Pacific route region.
18 Sep 17
Cargo throughput rose 11.2% YoY.
15 Sep 17
Catering and ground handling revenue could climb 3%.
7 Sep 17
It has stabilising pax yields and higher cargo throughput.
6 Sep 17
The airport’s total capacity will now reach 82 million.
5 Sep 17
The increased capacity on some of SIA's key routes could hurt its yields.
31 Aug 17
Services to Melbourne will increase to 14x weekly.
31 Aug 17
Its designator code will be available on routes with 37 destinations.
29 Aug 17
SIA will begin to handle SilkAir’s revenue and overseas accounting functions.
23 Aug 17
The airline has seen payment acceptance rates soar to 90%.
22 Aug 17
It hit $12.65 per share in 2015.
16 Aug 17
But striking a balance between passenger volume and yield remains a challenge.
16 Aug 17
SIA passengers will have wider connections with Colombia.
15 Aug 17
It will bear a 3.13% interest rate.
15 Aug 17
For three consecutive quarters, strong demand lifted its earnings.
11 Aug 17
The venture will provide simulator training for Boeing aircraft types.
4 Aug 17
The segment revenue growth may rise to 5.9%.
4 Aug 17
It currently faces manpower supply glut.
2 Aug 17
The group's rivals are expanding their capacity aggressively.
1 Aug 17
Thanks to a 4.2pt improvement in load factor.
31 Jul 17
Its cost per available seat km rose 3.8% YoY.
31 Jul 17
Staff and other costs led to an 8% decline in operating profit.
28 Jul 17
The airline struggled with increasing operating costs.
28 Jul 17
A US$12.9b airport in Beijing is due to open in 2019.
28 Jul 17
It guns for more deals with aircraft and engine manufacturing players.