12 Jan 18
The total retail sales value hit $3.8b, up 5.56% from $3.6b last year.
9 Jan 18
It expects to gain net proceeds of $660m and a net gain of $75m.
8 Jan 18
But renewal rentals will be under pressure despite full mall occupancy.
20 Dec 17
Companies have been battered by higher costs and slower sales in 2017.
14 Dec 17
The average person is willing to spend $100 to $300.
14 Dec 17
They believe it is highly useful for basic information searches.
12 Dec 17
Total retail sales hit $3.6b, almost similar to last year's.
11 Dec 17
The proportion of online shoppers in Gen X jumped the highest to 66%.
10 Dec 17
No thanks to falling vehicle sales.
8 Dec 17
Sales of commercial vehicles will continue to race ahead of the passenger cars.
7 Dec 17
They will need to adjust to age groups' needs.
7 Dec 17
Amazon is vying for dominance with the launch of Amazon Prime.
6 Dec 17
The introductory price for a membership is at $2.99 a month.
6 Dec 17
The store offers a Hokkaido-themed retail and dine-in space.
5 Dec 17
Consumers' trust towards e-commerce is growing.
4 Dec 17
India is a market to watch out for with a projected value of US$82.7b.
30 Nov 17
This could also mean a slowdown in business as consumers had a history of buying a lot before tax hikes.
30 Nov 17
In 2007, retail sales spiked following the announcement of a GST hike.
23 Nov 17
The region is expected to enjoy a CAGR of 6.6%.
22 Nov 17
But food and beverage stores are taking up more mall space.
15 Nov 17
Aditus co-founder Julian Peh discusses how luxury merchants can reach out to this new community of customers.
10 Nov 17
It secured its first $100,000 deal in Southeast Asia.
6 Nov 17
He cited personal reasons.
6 Nov 17
He retired at the Company’s annual general meeting.
1 Nov 17
He served the Company for over 24 years.
29 Oct 17
The vacancy rate rose to 8.2%, but F&B firms continue to drive growth.
27 Oct 17
Its new stores pulled revenue up by 3.9%.
26 Oct 17
US and Australian buyers bought mobile phones the most from Singaporean sellers.
25 Oct 17
They aim to make e-commerce data management a breeze.
22 Oct 17
Omnichannelisation is the name of the game for traditional retailers in Singapore.
20 Oct 17
The market is expected to grow by a measly 9% by 2021, lower than most rates in Asia.
18 Oct 17
Rental growth from 2017 to 2021 is expected to hit 0.7% in prime spots.
15 Oct 17
Its R&D will cover data intelligence, IoT, and fintech.
13 Oct 17
Sales of petrol services grew the largest during the month.
12 Oct 17
He was also a member of the nominating committee.
10 Oct 17
It had a slippery debut with late deliveries.
9 Oct 17
Singapore’s food and beverage market is currently estimated at US$108 million1, with major beverage companies expanding their...