24 Feb 17
Thanks to its new stores.
23 Feb 17
Market value will jump from $130m to more than $500m.
17 Feb 17
Despite the slower pace of auto sales.
16 Feb 17
Despite sales declining across spirits and beer segments.
16 Feb 17
They would buy more if they get rewarded.
15 Feb 17
With more than 70% of consumers shopping online, they battle it out to win customers.
7 Feb 17
Nine outlets opened since 2015 are in the process of maturing.
7 Feb 17
They are changing tenant mix.
6 Feb 17
And here are 3 genius money-saving shopping hacks all Singaporeans must try.
1 Feb 17
They are seeing long-term growth fundamentals in other Asian countries.
31 Jan 17
And here's how to visit Japan and Singapore for less than $750 round-trip.
30 Jan 17
He wanted to pursue other opportunities.
28 Jan 17
He was also joint company secretary.
27 Jan 17
Landlords and retailers are off to another bumpy ride.
26 Jan 17
Compared to a 0.6% decline in the past quarter.
26 Jan 17
The said industry posted a 13.5% decline.
24 Jan 17
He is CEO for Wolong Electric Group.
24 Jan 17
Latest winning bids by smaller players came in as high as $20.65 psf.
24 Jan 17
It is foreseen to grow to US$5.4b in 2025.
16 Jan 17
Another strong motor vehicles sales were recorded.
16 Jan 17
And here's the difference between retirement age and re-employment age in Singapore.
5 Jan 17
He resigned from ATB Austria Antriebstechnik AG.
28 Dec 16
He resigned from The International Investor Company (TII).
23 Dec 16
Its lease will not be renewed after April 30, 2017.
21 Dec 16
Retail sales was only up 2.2% in the said month.
21 Dec 16
It left Sheng Siong with no secured HDB site for Christmas.
18 Dec 16
2 in 3 Singaporeans prefer retailers with e-commerce and mobile app.
16 Dec 16
He retired at the company's annual general meeting.
15 Dec 16
Motor vehicles sales, yet again, prevented it from nosediving.
15 Dec 16
According to Bloomberg, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.
14 Dec 16
It did not manage to clinch any HDB supermarkets.
13 Dec 16
Retail sales value was only around $3.5bn in September.
12 Dec 16
They want more personalised reward programmes, not just the traditional point-based ones.
12 Dec 16
Shopping spending surged 44% in the first six months of the year.
12 Dec 16
The array of Christmas lights along Orchard Road this year is incredibly beautiful and adds onto the festivity.
8 Dec 16
Around 6.2m sqft retail supply is expected in the next four years.
8 Dec 16
Thanks to its well-positioned malls.
7 Dec 16
Only 3% are devoted to their preferred brands.