The competitive advantage of automating

Allan Teng, the Founder and Senior Advisor for Workato APJ, recently talked about the State of Digital Automation 2023 report and how businesses in Singapore can overcome challenges related to automation. The report found that most businesses adopted digital automation to achieve consistent outcomes, reduce workforce span, and increase efficiency. However, over 33% of respondents cited resource constraints, stakeholder management, and technical complexity as the main obstacles to automation.

Teng shared an example of a Scoot in Singapore that used low code and no code to automate their HR processes. By giving non-technical staff the tools to create automations, businesses can reduce resource constraints. Teng believes that successful automation requires a partnership between non-technical and technical staff. Non-technical staff are knowledgeable about their processes, while technical staff can provide security, governance, and infrastructure support.

Teng emphasized that companies that reject digital automation are jeopardizing their competitive advantage. In today's economy, businesses must streamline processes to increase efficiency and effectiveness. With the shift to remote work, digital automation is more important than ever.