What corporate sustainability means in this increasingly digitalised world


In the interview, Lyn Sia Rosmarin, the Country Manager of Prizm Group, discussed the importance of corporate sustainability and how her company is helping other companies on their journey towards environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.

Lyn Sia Rosmarin stated that a lot of companies find corporate sustainability to be a daunting task, but it is becoming increasingly important for stakeholders to be concerned with sustainability goals. She mentioned that most governments have set specific milestones for businesses to reach and that key stakeholders are championing for programs, associations, and educational workshops to educate everyone in the ecosystem. She also mentioned that listed companies are advised by stock exchanges to have more vigilant projects and infrastructure in place to meet these milestones.

She shared that Singaporean companies are weaving corporate sustainability into their long-term strategies by publishing content through their social media and websites, but that it is more of a stretch for companies in terms of longer-term goals. Lyn stated that resources are hard to come by in this ecosystem, so the outreach on the longer-term is taking more time. She also mentioned that on the short-term, companies have been publishing content through social media and websites to educate consumers about their sustainability efforts. Overall, she highlighted the importance of corporate sustainability and how companies can integrate it into their long-term strategies.