Why is there an uptick in cybercrime during the holiday season


Cybercrime is on the rise during holidays, as people are more active in shopping and using their credit cards online. The recent e-crime index shows that holidays attract cybercriminals, who are eager to harvest credit card information and use phishing emails to lure victims.

Scott Jarkoff, Director of CrowdStrike’s Strategic Threat Advisory for APJ and EMEA, points out that holidays have always been a prime target for cybercriminals. Phishing is the most widely used method, with emails being sent out with a holiday theme, such as Lunar New Year or Valentine's Day. The emails contain a sense of urgency, making it seem like there's a sale or a great deal that the recipient needs to take advantage of. As a result, people end up clicking on links, entering their credit card information, and potentially compromising their usernames and passwords for legitimate sites.

Jarkoff also warns that hacktivists may become more active during holidays, as they use the occasion to spread their message, which may not align with the message of cheer that the holiday is meant to convey. He emphasizes the importance of awareness for companies planning to run campaigns during the holiday season. By being aware of the increased operations of criminal organizations and understanding the threats, companies can take steps to protect themselves and their customers