Infocomm Media Development Authority

The IMDA develops and regulates the converging infocomm and media sectors in a holistic way.

Singapore and Hong Kong team up to combat telecom scams

The parties will collaborate on three areas.

Singapore and Hong Kong team up to combat telecom scams

The parties will collaborate on three areas.

IMDA and UNDP launch global digital inclusion initiative

UNDP will engage national counterparts and practitioners for digital inclusion.

Singapore to invest $100m in 10G broadband network

The Nationwide Broadband Network upgrade starts in mid-2024.

IMDA, AIVF propose framework to advance generative AI development

The parties aim to finalise the Model AI Governance Framework in mid-2024.

Singapore, New Zealand partner to fight scam, spam communications

The deal will enable them to protect their citizens from unwanted calls and messages. inks MOI with IMDA, EnterpriseSG to help SMEs export

A dedicated Singapore pavilion will be allotted on’s homepage.

IMDA launches sustainability standards for data centres in tropical markets

This will support increasing the operating DC temperature to 26 Degrees Celcius and above.

Singapore rolls out AI Verify Foundation

This will support the development of AI for the use of global firms and regulators.

IMDA, STB launches $10m on-screen Fund

Selected projects will receive funding support of up to 30% of qualifying costs.

Refreshed gov’t digital plans to prioritise food service sector

There will be an enhanced 20 industry digital plans.

Singapore, Microsoft tie up towards SEA’s Innovation Digital Sustainability Hub  

It is expected to drive the development of green software technologies.

IMDA bares 3 new 5G projects awarded under its innovation programme

These include holomedicine capabilities, cinematic AR experience, and smart glasses.

IMDA, NRF fund Digital Trust Centre with $50m investment

The centre will be used to invest in data privacy and verification of AI tech.

Singapore and Republic of Korea to finalize digital economy agreement

The agreement will be Singapore’s fourth DEA and the first with an Asia country. 

Singapore finalises digital economy agreement with the UK

This makes the UK the third country to have a DEA with Singapore.

ESG, IDMA roll out new digital plan for precision engineering industry

Around 2,700 businesses are expected to benefit from the guide.