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Schneider Electric is a company offering energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability.

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Schneider Electric  launches $110m Hub Asia

The new warehouse is expected to increase operational capacity by 30%.

7 in 10 businesses mull creating more green jobs in the next 12 months

The move is in support of the government’s green economy.

A new generation of UPS to power edge computing

Schneider Electric - Businesses in Singapore and the region are investing in distributed IT systems and turning to edge computing environments to support surging digitisation. As IT infrastructure moves from centralised data centres to branch offices or remote, unstaffed locations, the pressure is on to ensure that their current infrastructure can cope.

Meet your data centre sustainability goals with a better UPS

Schneider Electric - Around the world, colocation providers and enterprises are facing intense pressure to scale IT systems to meet surging digital demand. And with the growing awareness about sustainability, this demand must be met without compromising energy efficiency and corporate sustainability goals.

Enhancing UPS management with battery status monitoring

What is true in business management is also true in IT systems: If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. For infrastructure managers, the ability to achieve uptime and performance can be severely diminished without complete visibility into the state of their infrastructure. What’s more, poor visibility translates into more site visits to troubleshoot or restore systems, dramatically increasing operating cost.

A framework for sustainability for data centres

Schneider Electric - The issue of sustainability has become increasingly urgent as accelerating climate change threatens human societies and the planet with a potentially irreversible threat. Abnormally hot and cold temperatures have resulted in millions of deaths globally, and the latest Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) now warns (pdf) that we might exceed two degrees Celsius increase in temperature by 2100.

Nanyang Polytechnic, Schneider Electric launch sustainability centre

This is set to help Singapore achieve its goal of 80% of buildings to be green by 2030. 

Modelling out Data Centre Energy Use Over the Next Decade

Schneider Electric - That data centres lie at the heart of digital transformation around the world is common knowledge today. It is worth noting that various experts once predicted that data centre energy demand would continue growing and eventually consume over 20 per cent of global demand.

Choosing the Right DCIM System for Modern Data Centres

Schneider Electric - Traditionally used to monitor and manage the plethora of power and cooling systems within advanced data centres, Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools are now par for the course. Indeed, DCIM systems have arguably made data centres more resilient and energy efficient.

Schneider Electric to launch EcoStruxure™ Automation Expert in Singapore, enabling hardware-agnostic automation system design

The hardware-agnostic automation system design allows users to mix and match hardware from different vendors and automating them with a single software platform. This platform helps business reduce engineering hours required to automate their hardware by 68% compared to current automation systems. Singapore, November 23, 2021 –Initially announced on November 2020, Schneider Electric is excited to launch the world’s first universal automation offer, based on the IEC61499 standard for interoperability and portability, in Singapore. Today’s demands for greater manufacturing flexibility and productivity means that industry needs IT solutions that can help them implement automated systems.

Schneider Electric and Institute of Technical Education launch S$240,000 cutting-edge augmented reality centre

The “Predictive Maintenance Centre” will train ITE’s Mechanical Engineering students in cutting-edge real-time maintenance solutions that reduce costly unexpected breakdowns and extends the lifespan of equipment. This helps to expand the skillset of students who are training to be maintenance technicians and potentially implement predictive maintenance solutions for their future employers. Singapore, November 24, 2021 –Schneider Electric and the Institute of Technical Education (ITE)are proud to announce the official opening of their Predictive Maintenance Centre(PMC) at ITE College East. The PMC was set up, in collaboration with Schneider Electric, to provide students with training on industry standard tools that will make them more attractive to future employers.

How Food and Beverage Companies Drive End-to-End Visibility and Efficient Operations through Digitization

Schneider Electric - Today’s consumer is demanding, sophisticated and, yes, impatient. Buyers know what they want ― and they want it now. For food and beverage producers, this creates an urgent need to become more agile and responsive to market demands.

Gaining competitive advantage as a manufacturer in three different ways with digitization.

Schneider Electric - These days, business growth in the manufacturing sector relies more heavily than ever on both the resilience and the agility of operations. Manufacturers who are able to alter their production lines to meet a spiking demand quickly generate profits, while others who are slow to react are forced to downsize operations. As consumers become accustomed to Amazon-like rapid logistics and fast deliveries, many manufacturers seek to emulate this ability and to address customer demand in a highly flexible manner.

Understanding the imperative for sustainable edge data centres

Schneider Electric - As the effects of climate change make themselves known through increasingly severe patterns around the globe, we stand at the crossroad of decisions that will impact and shape future generations.

Building resilient and sustainable edge data centres

Schneider Electric - As organisations grapple with latency, operational strain, and security considerations with existing data centre deployments, it is increasingly evident that edge computing is anything but hype. Indeed, Gartner predicted that 75 per cent of enterprise data is expected to be processed (and created) at the edge by 2025, up from just 10 per cent in 2018.

Schneider Electric study: Only 4 in 10 organizations in Singapore have a climate action plan

83% of Singapore business leaders believe their organization’s sustainability performance will become a barrier or opportunity to future growth and success Only 43% say their company is currently operating sustainably and only one third of companies are strongly aligned to the Singapore Green Plan 2030 More than two thirds of consumers in Singapore think companies should be prioritizing the environment over profits 86% of Singapore consumers are worried about climate change Only 27% of companies believe they are fully utilizing technology to operate more sustainably Singapore, 12 October 2021– A new study by Schneider Electric, the global leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, has found that only 40% of companies in Singapore have a climate action plan that addresses climate risk.