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HDB resale prices up by 0.3% MoM in May

Year-on-year, overall prices increased by 7.7%.
1 day ago

HDB resale prices up by 0.3% MoM in May

Year-on-year, overall prices increased by 7.7%.
1 day ago

Condo rent prices up 29.9% in April

Compared to March, RCR and OCR rents are higher, whilst CCR rent prices fell slightly.

HDB resale volume down 4.3% MoM in April

There were 2,188 HDB resale flats sold in April 2023.

HDB rents rise 0.7% MoM in March

By room type, 3 Room recorded the highest rent increase.

Condo rents drop 0.3% MoM in March

Rents across sub-markets dropped in March, except for CCR.

Here's why more Singaporeans bought HDB flats this March

Resale volumes in March saw a 23.7% increase MoM.

HDB resale prices up by 0.5% MoM in March

This came mainly from 5-room and executive HDB flats.

High rents drive tenants away from condo market: analysts

Condo rental volumes declined by 18.6%MoM in February. 

Condo rents climb 3.5% MoM in February

Across sub-markets, OCR Recorded the highest rent increase.

HDB rents rise 1.2% MoM in February

By room type, 4 Room and Executive recorded the highest rent increase.

Singapore’s condo market on track to underperform in Q1: analysts

The primary sale market will continue to struggle in 2023.

Condo resale prices jump 9.2% YoY in February

Across submarkets, OCR posted the highest year-on-year price increase.

Condo resale volumes soar 50.3% MoM in February

Over 700 units got resold during the month.

HDB resale volumes decline 28.2% MoM in February

Prices stayed the same for the first time in more than two years.

Condo rents volumes slip by 0.9% in January

An estimated 6,285 units were rented during the month. 

Condo resale prices slip in January: report

This is the first time it declined in 28 months.