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How can brick-and-mortar stores be less boring? Here’s what experts say

Physical stores must revamp customers’ experiences by pushing “phygital” strategies.

Chart of the day: E-commerce brands on Facebook gets the most interactions

Retail food is the least popular amongst Singaporean Facebook users.

What social media platform do Singaporeans use the most

This platform saw a 1.18% growth in engagement rate in 2021.

MARKETING BRIEFING: The best social media platforms to invest in 2022

An Emplifi study showed that brand posts on Instagram had 6.1x higher engagement than Facebook.

8 of 10 Singaporeans interact with government through Facebook

Twitter leads in content with 54.47%, but only accounts for 2.15% of interactions. 

Social ad spends in SG grew 106% YoY in Q2: Emplifi

Globally, social ad spends also rose 50% YoY.