SG launches cybersecurity training programme

In support, SG will extend its $30m cyber capacity-building commitment to 2026.

SG launches cybersecurity training programme

In support, SG will extend its $30m cyber capacity-building commitment to 2026.

CSA taps Microsoft, Google to strengthen national cybersecurity

The parties will facilitate cyber threat intelligence sharing amongst others.

The majority of businesses increased cybersecurity budget

Businesses said budgets rose to adapt to next-gen security capabilities.

Singapore businesses strengthen cyber defenses amid escalating threats

Cecil Su, director of cybersecurity at BDO Advisory, identifies the unique threats and recommends strategies to protect Singapore’s digital ecosystem.

We are never ever getting ‘scammed’ together: Experts unveil ways for firms to combat ticket scalping

In Singapore, more than 400 individuals have fallen victim to concert ticket scams. 

9 in 10 consumers will reward brands that protect their data: survey

One way that consumers reward brands is through positive app store reviews.

8 in 10 organisations want employees with tech-focused certification

Seven in 10 are having difficulty finding such employees.

More than 4 in 10 organisations suffer revenue loss from identity-related security issues 

More than 80% of organisations have fallen victim to identity-based attacks.

Only 1 in 10 companies in Singapore are prepared to address cybersecurity risks

Cybersecurity issues have cost organisations at least US$500,000.

Chart of the Day: Around 1 in 2 Singaporean businesses have experienced cyber incidents

Data loss and business interruption were top cyber security concerns.

62% of board members say their organisations are unprepared for a cyberattack 

This is despite their belief that they have invested adequately in cybersecurity.

62% of cybersecurity pros are struggling to keep up with evolving threats 

On average, organisations deal with 54 cyber incidents each day.

MAS conducts cyber crisis management exercise with French central bank

The exercise evaluated the effectiveness of cyber crisis coordination.

Organisations pay over $1m in ransom for ransomware attacks: study

Of those who paid, 56% were attacked for the second time.

80% of organisations experienced ransomware attacks in 2021

Organisations are exposed to greater risk due to cybersecurity debt, according to a report.

Staying safe online whilst working from home

NordVPN lays out cybersecurity risks and tips for remote work.