Jumbo Group hit by ransomware attack

The company plans to boost cybersecurity post-incident.
22 hours ago

Jumbo Group hit by ransomware attack

The company plans to boost cybersecurity post-incident.
22 hours ago

9 of 10 companies made ransomware payments in 2023: ExtraHop

The average cost of ransomware payments was $4.49m (US$3.3m) per company last year.

Singapore SMEs’ cyber risk awareness declines: report

Fewer SMEs were affected by cyber events this year.

Over 100 domains linked to piracy shut down

Illegal streaming sites raise scam risk by 3.5 times.

Only 1% of Singapore firms are fully prepared for cyber threats

Six in 10, however, have achieved a "formative" level of cybersecurity readiness.

Five key practices to boost cybersecurity

More than 60% of firms have yet to achieve a high level of cybersecurity readiness.

What to expect in the Cybersecurity Act propose amendments

This was the first time amendments to the cybersecurity law were proposed.

CSA, NTT sign MOU on cybersecurity collaboration

As a partner, NTT made a  $13.5m investment for nurturing talent.

Cisco, Fortinet, Nokia join Singtel in quantum security initiative

The government tasked Singtel to develop the first QSN by mid-2024.

2 in 5 IT experts back AI for cybersecurity

They believe AI will help in the early detection of potential cyber threats.

Cybersecurity ranks sixth most pressing issue amongst Singaporeans

Singaporeans are concerned about the rise in online scams.

SG launches cybersecurity training programme

In support, SG will extend its $30m cyber capacity-building commitment to 2026.

CSA taps Microsoft, Google to strengthen national cybersecurity

The parties will facilitate cyber threat intelligence sharing amongst others.

The majority of businesses increased cybersecurity budget

Businesses said budgets rose to adapt to next-gen security capabilities.

Singapore businesses strengthen cyber defenses amid escalating threats

Cecil Su, director of cybersecurity at BDO Advisory, identifies the unique threats and recommends strategies to protect Singapore’s digital ecosystem.

We are never ever getting ‘scammed’ together: Experts unveil ways for firms to combat ticket scalping

In Singapore, more than 400 individuals have fallen victim to concert ticket scams.