Telecom & Internet

20 Jun 17
The entry of a new telco is one.
20 Jun 17
And here's what you need to know about the family behind RGE.
19 Jun 17
It is under the $2b multicurrency debt issuance programme.
16 Jun 17
Its return on capital is one of the highest.
13 Jun 17
New plans offer 2GB of data.
9 Jun 17
The mobile outlook remains weak as competition intensifies.
9 Jun 17
And smart tech offers many perks for HDB estates.
8 Jun 17
It currently holds 28.5% stake in the telco.
7 Jun 17
It accounts for only 14.7% of total ad spend in Singapore.
5 Jun 17
He was appointed on 30 May 2017.
5 Jun 17
This is in collaboration with Lions Befrienders and POSB.
5 Jun 17
It is reportedly in talks of seeking support for M1 bid.
5 Jun 17
The city-state's telco players are already on the move.
2 Jun 17
It will allow customers to send money to cash-out points in Indonesia.
1 Jun 17
Peak speed of 184.5 Mbps is recorded in Singapore in Q1.
31 May 17
Consumers will be able to share their portion of local data bundle.
31 May 17
After it had lost bid to become the fourth telco operator.
30 May 17
The segment accounts for 17% of the group revenue.
29 May 17
It eyes strengthening is cyber security portfolio amidst global attacks.
29 May 17
The telco thinks it would be costly.
25 May 17
The telco has a strong foothold on hotels.
24 May 17
It seeks to fend off competition from TPG.
23 May 17
5G trials will be free until December 31, 2019.
23 May 17
Contributions from its Indian arm fell sharply by 60.2%.
22 May 17
As it added 42,000 in their postpaid subscriber base.
19 May 17
The new kid may face operational challenges.
19 May 17
Associate profits were flat.
19 May 17
Its ICT business helped the telco offset price declines in carriage services.
19 May 17
It has set up helplines together with other telcos.
18 May 17
Thanks to the strong growth in broadband, mobile data, and ICT.
17 May 17
The two will be setting up helplines for customers.
11 May 17
And here are 8 blue chip stocks investors should consider this year.
10 May 17
It aims to complete the IPO by July.
10 May 17
It lost 11,000 subscribers in Q1.
8 May 17
Around 3,800 subscribers were affected.
8 May 17
But the segment ARPU was stable at $37.
8 May 17
And here's how AI can be a game-changer for the healthcare industry.
5 May 17
These led to its shareholders' abrupt decision to withdraw.