Telecom & Internet

27 Mar 17
With Telkomsel as its partner, the service will be available in Indonesia.
22 Mar 17
It will be immediately available at a $16.90 monthly rate.
22 Mar 17
And Hong Kong is still cheaper than Singapore for expats.
21 Mar 17
The rise was amidst a strategic review by its big shareholders.
21 Mar 17
Not to mention a possible second mobile virtual network operator.
21 Mar 17
Its investment in M1 accounts for 38% of its market value.
20 Mar 17
They hold a total of 61.1% shares in M1.
19 Mar 17
Average revenue per user could decrease 11-16% over the next five years.
17 Mar 17
The move complements the Philippine government’s national cyber security plan.
15 Mar 17
She previously worked for NexWave Telecoms.
13 Mar 17
It is anticipated to launch fibre broadband services in 2H17.
13 Mar 17
The new telco may be launching the new service in 2H17.
9 Mar 17
It can translate up to 90 different languages.
8 Mar 17
The two recently collaborated on a network-sharing scheme.
3 Mar 17
Winners to get access to a combined market of 1.2b customers.
3 Mar 17
It seeks to make apps interoperable across devices.
28 Feb 17
This is in line with CFE's recommendations.
27 Feb 17
Analysts said these weakened Singtel's financial margins.
24 Feb 17
Both are key components in the evolution to 5G.
23 Feb 17
Enterprise value sits at US$310m.
15 Feb 17
One involves the new telco.
13 Feb 17
It could switch the acquisition mode on.
13 Feb 17
Over the past two years, 210 fintech firms commenced operation in Singapore.
10 Feb 17
The telco has been ramping up its cyber security.
9 Feb 17
Morgan Stanley, UBS, and DBS are chosen as the advisers on the share sale.
9 Feb 17
The telco also launched three new 4G broadband plans.
9 Feb 17
Thanks to its strong performance in Singapore, Australia and India.
8 Feb 17
It reduced returns to 4 Singapore cents per quarter.
6 Feb 17
It grew a steady 3.9% to $400m in 2016.
6 Feb 17
Blame it on lower profit from operations.
2 Feb 17
Subscribers prefer SIM-only plans.
2 Feb 17
They would be laden with huge capital outlays.
1 Feb 17
StarHub payTV subscribers dropped 1.5%.
28 Jan 17
He is to pursue other career opportunities.
27 Jan 17
But it is unlikely to offset losses in the mobile segment.