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Chart of the day: 6 in 10 says Singapore Grand Prix is good for the country

Only 1 in 3, however, said they will follow the race in person or online.

Chart of the day: 1 in 6 says celebrity endorsements influences their purchases

36% said they are on the fence when it comes to celebrity endorsement.

Chart of the day: 1 in 6 most likely to consume works of controversial celebs

Younger consumers are most likely to be intrigued by controversial celebs.

Around 3 in 5 adults oppose online gambling: report

It is the fourth market most opposed to online gambling.

One in 4 Singaporeans consume less work from celebs with controversies

Younger consumers are more likely to watch the content of said celebrities.

Chart of the day: More than 4 out of 5 S’poreans said cost of living went up

Older Singaporeans felt the brunt of the increase more strongly than those younger.

Not enough aid? 86% of Singaporeans want gov't to do more vs inflation

In June, the government announced a $1.5b support package for lower-income groups.

Chart of the day: S’pore is 3rd most likely to spend on shopping events

Singaporeans are top spenders on Single’s Day, second only to China.

How do adults plan to improve their financial standing

Nearly seven in 10 will cut inessential expenses, such as dining out.

Rising fuel costs amongst top reasons for EV adoption

Silent rides and better acceleration are also top considerations of EV owners. 

Real-time payment trumps cash, credit in payment method in Singapore 

Real time payment methods such as PayNow, DBS PayLah, and OCBC Pay Anyone has risen in popularity.